Inspiration Board: Ascot Opening Day

I’M BACK!! Hello lovely friends, I’m delighted to return to you this fine morning. This last morning of my old life, where I’ll make my last journey to Oxford on the train. (Boy, can I ever not wait to see the back of that train.) From tomorrow, I’ll be starting a new chapter, and Paddington will be just a bear and not the station I spend half my life waiting in. I’m terrified, I’m excited, I’m nervous, I’m relieved. But most of all, I’m ready. And I can’t WAIT for the next part of the journey. In the next few weeks I’ll be starting to introduce some new features to you, I’ll be making some big announcements, and ultimately, I’ll be introducing you to the new website. This morning, as I look back on a great five years of my career, I honestly feel that the best is yet to come.

For today, we have some fabulous inspiration, in the form of a board inspired by one of my FAVOURITE movie scenes. (Well, sort of.) I mean, the black and white Ascot Gavotte scene in My Fair Lady is beautiful, not just because it has Audrey Hepburn being Audrey Hepburn in it, but because all the dresses and set were designed by the incredible Cecil Beaton. (Unfortunately, I hate musicals, so as long as it’s on mute, we’re all okay.) Add the lightest pearly pink, and you have a design that is thoroughly modern and absolutely perfect for an elegant (possibly vineyard) wedding. Don’t you just love it? Smashing. Positively dashing.

Don’t forget to come back later to see more yummy inspiration from our real life bride, Cheryl.

Colours: Black & white, blush pink

Top row (l-r): Parisian stripes ceremony arch (Simple Splendor Photography); blush pink bridesmaids’ dresses (Anastasia Photography); oysters (Flory Photo); ceremony chairs (Adam Barnes Photo)
Row 2: Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady; blush pink, black and white invitation suite (sugar paper); crowd from Ascot scene in My Fair Lady
Row 3: Black & white macaroon tower; shoes (Studio Impressions); wedding dress with stripe sash