Inspiration Board: Love Shines Bright

Morning, lovelies! How was your weekend? I am still playing catchup with admin – sometimes it seems never-ending, doesn’t it? But I’m here with an inspiration board to literally brighten your morning. Okes, this might be one of my favourite colour combos ever. When neon brights started making their way into weddings, I was first a little horrified, then intrigued. I decided I liked them, but in a sort of graphic, modern way. But I’ve also been quietly intrigued as to how you could use them in a pretty, soft way as well, one that would suit more brides. And this is pretty much it. A palette of soft grey, coral and then a pop of lumo yellow. Sounds insane, but the brights really bring out the other colours and I just adore the end result! What do you think?

Colours: Mushroom, peach, coral and neon yellow

Top row (l-r): Bouquet {Shoot This Not That}; bridesmaids {Kate Harrison Photography/Enjoy Events Co. Inc.}; neon table number {Shoot This Not That}
Row 2: Coral shoes {Laura Murray Photography/Holly Gerard}; cutlery bundle {Shoot This Not That}; coral table decor {Elizabeth Scott Photography/Sweet November Events}
Row 3: Neon necklace {Imbue Weddings/Byron Loves Fawn}; flowers; menu with neon string {Kate Harrison Photography/Enjoy Events Co. Inc.}


Neon Rustic Wedding Inspiration | SouthBound Bride