Real Wedding at Rockhaven Farm {Kyle & Jamie}

There are some weddings where just looking at the photos can instantly brighten up your day, and Kyle & Jamie’s (Kyle being the girl and Jamie the boy!) is definitely one of them. Their flowers are AMAZING. Their venue is one of my all-time favourites (Rockhaven Farm, with its resident dogs, cats and ducks, which we also featured here and here). And the two of them just radiate a sense of calm and joy that has had a smile on my face the whole way through putting this post together. Not to mention the incredible light and detail that photographer Jani B manages to get into her pictures – it’s like taking a big gulp of fresh air on a spring morning. (Oh, and regular readers will also spot the flawless cake and biscuit making of one of our own brides, Roxanne Floquet – how gorgeous is her work?) Love!

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