SouthBound Guide: DJ-recommended Wedding Songs

One of those things that often gets left until last and then causes an inordinate amount of stress is music. I mean, even for music-loving couples, I’ve seen this lead to despair. And it’s understandable, because doesn’t everyone want the perfect soundtrack to those amazing moments… you know, the one where you lock eyes as the bride walks down the aisle, or where you’re announced for the first time as Mr & Mrs and walk in to the thunderous applause of your nearest and dearest, or (perhaps trickiest of all) that moment where all eyes are on you as you take to the dancefloor and it’s like the words of the song that’s playing are meant to sum up your whole relationship. No pressure, hey. Seriously though, choosing music can be tough, and that’s why today I’ve enlisted the help of Shaun of The Wedding DJ’s to give you his expert’s picks for those all-important moments on the Big Day. They’re a mix of classic and contemporary, and at least one of them is sure to be your JAM. Thanks, Shaun! (PS You can find out more about The Wedding DJ’s in the SBB Directory)Read More

How To Pick the Perfect First Dance Song

Woohoo, Friday! We’re going all musical this morning, as we turn our attention to the first dance. Now this is one that usually puts brides and grooms into two camps – either it’s one you already know the answer to without thinking about it (our song! nailed it!) or you’re reading this post thinking “yes, how DO we pick the perfect first dance song?” Worry not if you’re one of those couples, because there is a perfect first dance out there for you, even if the closest you come to Fred and Ginger is standing and swaying, and it also doesn’t have to be a song you’ve heard at weddings a zillion times before. I always advise couples to take a couple of nights out (not too far away from the wedding – this is actually a fun one to do over sushi and wine a couple of months before the big day) to consider their options and make a shortlist of possibilities. Listen to them, try them out with a little dance, and see what feels right. You’ll be surprised that some songs you may think would be perfect are actually un-danceable or have inappropriate lyrics, but many couples don’t even realise because they don’t road test them beforehand. So, this way you get the perfect song AND a romantic night in with your sweetie. Win, win. Oh, and PS, the beautiful pics in this post come courtesy of the awesome SBB photography sponsors – head over to their websites to see more!Read More