SouthBound Guide: DJ-recommended Wedding Songs

One of those things that often gets left until last and then causes an inordinate amount of stress is music. I mean, even for music-loving couples, I’ve seen this lead to despair. And it’s understandable, because doesn’t everyone want the perfect soundtrack to those amazing moments… you know, the one where you lock eyes as the bride walks down the aisle, or where you’re announced for the first time as Mr & Mrs and walk in to the thunderous applause of your nearest and dearest, or (perhaps trickiest of all) that moment where all eyes are on you as you take to the dancefloor and it’s like the words of the song that’s playing are meant to sum up your whole relationship. No pressure, hey. Seriously though, choosing music can be tough, and that’s why today I’ve enlisted the help of Shaun of The Wedding DJ’s to give you his expert’s picks for those all-important moments on the Big Day. They’re a mix of classic and contemporary, and at least one of them is sure to be your JAM. Thanks, Shaun! (PS You can find out more about The Wedding DJ’s in the SBB Directory)

Ceremony songs
This is the ideal time to bring in a musical friend or family member and ask them to do something from the heart, it sets a truly special tone. Alternatively look at hiring a solo acoustic guitarist or pianist, even an a’cappella vocalist. You could also play songs from an iPod. Whichever medium you choose to deliver the music, it is best to try keep the song simple, clear and uncomplicated for this very special moment. Music I would recommend:


Walk-in songs
The moment when the bride and groom walk in to the reception and are announced for the first time as Mr and Mrs, is the perfect opportunity to get everybody off their seat and charged up for the night ahead. Choose a high energy song, ideally something upbeat and punchy. Here are some of my favourites:

Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines: YouTube link
Hall & Oats – You Make My Dreams: YouTube link
Fleetwood Mac – Everywhere: YouTube link
HUGEL – Coming Home (Start from 00:43): YouTube link
DJ Snake & Lil Jon – Turn Down For What (Start from 00:19): YouTube link
C2C – Happy (Start from 00:47): YouTube link


First Dance
Again it is extremely important to choose a song that reflects your relationship or has some deeper meaning to you as a couple. Some people want this moment to be romantic and euphoric, others want it to be fun and playful. Here are some of the best songs I have used:

Ellie Goulding – Your Song: YouTube link
The Once – You’re My Best Friend: YouTube link
Santo & Johnny – Sleep Walk: YouTube link
Al Green – Lets Stay Together: YouTube link
Ivan & Alyosha – Easy to Love: YouTube link
The Rolling Stones – Sweethearts Together: YouTube link


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