Pantone Spring 2016 Colour Palettes Part 1

Happy Monday lovelies! Today, hot off the presses from New York Fashion Week, we have Pantone’s latest collection of colours, all dressed up and ready for their debut in the Spring 2016 season. The Spring colours are always my fave, and this time there’s a mix of punchy brights (the likes of which I’ve been enjoying seeing in weddings already!) and soft pastels (which as you already know, I love). I can’t wait to play around with combining them, but first, I thought I would put together some single colour palettes to introduce you to each shade, and I’ve also scouted out a beautiful bridesmaid dress to go with each one! We’re kicking off with the first four shades/boards today, and will be carrying on with this series for the rest of the month.

Up at the top there, we have the softest and sweetest of all the shades, a truly lovely shade of ballet blush named after rose quartz (which if I’m not wrong is supposed to bring love into your life – so appropriate!).  No surprise that this is a colour made for weddings!

Top row (l-r): Blush wedding dress {The Image is Found/So Happi Together/Watters Palm Springs gown}; ceremony seating {}
Row 2: Shoes {Joielala/Badgley Mischka}; cupcake tower {Jordan Brittley}; blush bridesmaid dress

Top row (l-r): Watercolour menu {Moira West Photography/Oh Yay}; ombre chair backs {Nicole Lennox/Weddings Vallarta}
Row 2: Flower girl {Cherrish You Boutique on Etsy}; cake {Debra Eby Photography/IncrEDIBLES}; coral bridesmaid dress

Warm and playful, peach echo is a really lovely coral shade that picks up where peach leaves off. In fact, because it’s a powerful punch of colour, I think it lends itself particularly well to mixing with other colours or lighter tones of peach – let’s be honest, ombre will never stop being pretty!

Top row (l-r): Tablescape {Jose Villa/Jill La Fleur}; bouquet with blue ribbon {Megan Welker Photography/Lux Events And Design/Paradise Florist}
Row 2: Bridesmaids {Kurt Boomer Photography}; powder blue bridesmaid dress; meringues {Jennifer Hejna Photography/De Wijnlijst}

I think Serenity is my favourite of the new colours, and it’s appropriately named, because it’s so very serene. It’s calming and light, and it combines beautifully with shades both warm and cool. Gorgeous.

Top row (l-r): Cobalt bridesmaid dress; plate {Love Bird Productions}; French farmhouse {Loft Photographie LLC/Clementine}
Row 2: Invitation suite {KT Merry/Joy Proctor/Written Word Calligraphy}; bride and groom in car {Brumley and Wells}

The name says it all doesn’t it? You can just imagine diving into the deep, deep blue. As Pantone say, it “plays in the navy family, but with a happier, more energetic context”. Absolutely PERFECT for stylish nautical chic weddings and a lot more besides.

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