Cape Town’s Top 10 Food Trucks for Weddings

Image: Nastassja Harvey

For those of you lovely brides planning a whimsical wedding in an enchanted forest or field of wildflowers (which may very well not have catering facilities), the great advantage of hiring a food truck is that they come armed with their own food prepping facilities and are ready to serve! Fast, convenient and tasty. What better combination can you get? And the even bigger plus is that most of them are also just oh-so-aesthetically-pleasing. Have a peek at some of our Top 10 local food trucks. We love that our selection of mobile kitchens are willing to serve a wide variety of palates and tastebuds. From organic and ‘rawsome’ to some sugary goodness, all your foodie dreams for your wedding can come true. Why not choose a few?!Read More

Supplier Spotlight: Cape Town Food Trucks

Happy Friday, lovelies! I have such an awesome supplier spotlight for you today. You know, I like to think that in the South African wedding industry, we make our own trends, but we’re also all over some of the coolest stuff we see coming from the rest of the world. One of the trends that I have loved seeing in the States has been food trucks at weddings. And okay, it’s not going to suit every bride and groom. But for a relaxed, boho, festival-style wedding, the fun and novelty factor is amazing. Up until recently, I thought this was a trend we only got to watch enviously from afar, until I discovered Cape Town Food Trucks. Specifically, Limoncello, an absolutely adorable little blue and yellow van that is the first of their fleet, and certainly wouldn’t be out of place in your wedding pictures. And the best part? They don’t serve dirty burgers. Nope, this is authentic Italian food, made by third generation Neapolitan chef, Luca Castiglione. And my family’s from North Italy, so I really hate to admit this, but they sure do know how to cook down in Naples. Read More

Supplier Spotlight: Ice Cream Ninjas

As a wedding blogger, I’m always on the lookout for something new and different that can add an extra spark to a wedding day, making it extra memorable for your guests (and often, keeping them entertained, so your photographer can take lovely pictures of you and your groom). So when I stumbled across the concept of Ice Cream Ninjas, I was super excited. You guys, it’s like Cocktail (Tom Cruise style), but with ice cream. I’m going to say that again. Cocktail… with ice cream. It’s bloody genius. And I cannot think of anything more fun at a beach or summery wedding.

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