Colin Cowie’s As Good As Gold, JHB 3 May 2017

I always say that South Africans are secretly running the world because you always find South Africans in the most awesome (and sometimes unexpected) places, doing awesome things. When I first started in the wedding industry and came across celeb planner Colin Cowie, I had one of those moments, discovering that he was actually one of our own. But it’s only now that local industry folks are having the opportunity to really engage with our boy-done-good, celebrate him on our own soil and learn from his experiences. On 3 May, the SA School of Weddings is hosting a fabulous day event (followed by an even more fabulous cocktail party) so they can do just that. And with just a few more days to grab your tickets, it’s definitely a can’t-miss opportunity. (Except for me, since I’m missing it, so that’s the sound of me sobbing in the corner you’re hearing in the background.) Head to the website for tickets and more details!