Flowers in Season: Winter

Hello lovelies, hope you are having a fabulous Friday! You know, there’s a lot to be said for choosing seasonal flowers for your wedding. It’s cheaper, for one. And simpler, of course, than trying to source those flowers you really, really want and having to fly them in from goodness knows where. Not good for your eco karma. But the other thing is that the flowers of the season really do reflect that season, so you’re going to end up with beautiful, natural colours and textures appropriate for the month you get married. And every year, when you see those flowers again, you’ll remember the day you said ‘I do’. Of course, with most weddings in summer, this isn’t so much of a problem for many brides, but winter and early spring weddings are becoming more popular with brave South African brides, and fortunately there are some absolutely gorgeous and unique floral choices that you can make in June, July and August. So get ready to park your dream of peonies and fall in love with winter’s finest!

Sources: Centrepiece – Jose Villa Photography/Joy Thigpen via Style Me Pretty; Invitation – Hello Tenfold 

Sources: Bouquet – Isacson Studios via Soco Events; Invitation –

Sources: Invitation –  Momental Designs; Bouquet – Gina Meola Photography/AVE Styles/Avant-Garde Studios via Style Me Pretty

Sources: Bouquet – Anthony Craddock/Philippa Craddock Flowers via Flowerona; Invitation – Momental Designs

Sources: Bouquet – Lisa Warninger/Elizabeth Dye/Chelsea Fuss; Invitation –Flora & Fauna Press

Sources: Bouquet – via W-Wedding Flowers; Invitation – Jen Aitchison via Etsy


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