Inspiration Board: Artichoke & Aubergine

We’re going a bit organic for today’s board, with inspiration from the fresh produce at a farmer’s market translated into a slightly rustic wine farm wedding. I’m crazy about this one! Jewel colours are huge news at the moment, but for me, when taking on big colours like purples and reds, the best way to avoid overload is to use natural materials and colours as much as possible. I love the idea of using vegetables in decor and even bouquets and eggplant and artichoke are two of my favourites (you can of course use the purple artichoke here too – and how gorgeous is that artichoke bouquet?). Just the purple and green would have been lovely, but I think the radishey red takes it up just a few pretty notches. Combine with oak barrels and lovely organic florals for the freshest of late summer or autumn looks. And if you’re after more of a farm look, replace the barrels with plenty of burlap and it’ll work equally well.

Colours: Aubergine purple, radish red and artichoke green

Top row (l-r): Aubergines; bridesmaid dress; pashminas; oak barrel
Row 2: Radishes; calligraphy; produce; centrepiece
Row 3: Artichoke candle; shutters escort cards; calligraphy name tag; long table in cellar

Inspiration Board: Artichoke & Aubergine | SouthBound Bride

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