Inspiration Board: Blush & Bashful

Hello friends! It’s a public holiday in the UK today, but will I be enjoying it? No, sadly, I’ll be in bed as I have been for the rest of the weekend, nursing what is (obviously) the worst cold ever (isn’t it always?). Not ideal, and I am feeling rather sorry for myself, so please send me some super psychic healing vibes! ;) The good news is that being sick is a great excuse to re-watch some of my favourite movies (I have a friend who does the BBC Pride & Prejudice whenever she’s laid up, which I am considering), and speaking of that, I caught an old fave that I haven’t seen for YEARS on TV a couple of weeks ago, Steel Magnolias. Love that film, mostly because I want to be Miss Weezer. I always chuckle at Shelby’s wedding colours, blush and bashful, especially when you see the uber ’90s candy floss pink fest that Julia Roberts’ character actually does get married in, but it got me wondering how I would re-imagine blush and bashful for a modern bride. What I like about the use of two shades of pink (especially with today’s leaning toward ombre and watercolour) is the fact that they can be used as a soft base (almost like an all white wedding, but blush) and not be too matchy matchy, if the colours are allowed to graduate. I especially like combining these very girly shades with very pretty natural flowers and textures, like dogwood and honeysuckle. There’s no denying it’s a very feminine look, but even a pink wedding doesn’t have to be all Katie Price. So blush and bashful it is. What do y’all think?

Colours: Shades of pink

Top row (l-r): Pink bridesmaids {Jose Villa}; ceremony arch {Eric Kelley}; bouquet {Anne Robert}; lemonade {Corbin Gurkin Photography}; watercolour painting {Bernadette Pascua}
Row 2: Ruffle purse; ombre cards {Beaux Arts Photographie}; headpieace; baby’s breath bouquets; stepladder {Stephanie Williams}
Row 3: Bride {Stephanie Williams}; cake {Jose Villa}; shoes {Ryan Ray}; groom {Meredith Perdue}; table setting {Megan Thiele}


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