Inspiration Board: Harvest Sunshine

Today’s board was one of those unexpected little surprises. It came from helping a friend who was looking for autumn wedding ideas, particularly incorporating pumpkins and gourds (love how these have become a lovely decor option recently). I started thinking about colour palettes and how, while the more typical autumn colour combinations – russet, yellow and orange in particular – are always rich and gorgeous, they wouldn’t be for everyone. I often think of blue and yellow as a spring or summer combination but looking at some of Pantone’s current feature colours including dusky blue and sunflower, I began to think they would make a beautiful, unusual autumn palette especially when paired up with yellow squash and white pumpkin textures. I’d keep flowers simple (although LOVE the pumpkin ‘vase’) with a big statement sunflower bouquet and then include warming autumn touches like a cardigan for the bride or bridesmaids, beeswax candle favours, and delicious cold weather menu options. It’s also a good chance to include prints, which as you know are a big deal right now. What do you think?

Colours: Dusk blue, sunflower yellow, ivory and soft grey

Top row (l-r): Mini white pumpkins; billy buttons in milk glass {Portobello Bride /ngg studios}; bridesmaids {Our Labor of Love}; beeswax candles
Row 2: Table setting with pumpkins and gourds; pumpkin vase; yellow letterpress invitation; yellow striped tie; forks on print fabric
Row 3: Sunflower bouquet {Dove Wedding Photography}; favour wraps; table setting with book pages; bride in yellow cardigan {Cameron Ingalls}

Harvest Sunshine Inspiration Board


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