Mira Zwillinger Whisper of Blossom Collection

I promised you guys an abundance of beautiful fashion this month, and I can’t think of a better collection to kick things off with than the 2017 Mira Zwillinger. Long time readers of the blog will know that we’ve been a fan of Mira’s since forever, and every year I look forward to sharing the new collection. Every year I say they couldn’t get more gorgeous, and then they do. This year is no exception. Nobody does ethereal, demure illusion lace like Mira Zwillinger, the embellishment on each gown so delicate it’s almost organic. If a dress could form itself out of flowers, Disney-style, then these would be it – and no wonder, as the collection was inspired by that moment of spring: “when the first buds of life appear on the naked branches, still shuddering from the cold winter… it’s that moment when nature starts to whisper and hum its tune of rebirth and renewal… the moment of pristine stillness, hinting at the eye-opening magnificence to come.” But don’t be fooled by how dainty they look. Having worked with Mira’s dresses on a shoot before, I know that as soft as they appear, each gown is exquisitely constructed. So let’s take a peek at the latest, most beautiful collection from one of my all-time favourite international designers. Dress swoon DELUXE.

Wedding dresses: Mira Zwillinger | Photographer: Alexander Lipkin | Hair: Benjanin Rubini | Make-up: Eran Pal | Headpieces: Tami Bar Lev

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