Mira Zwillinger Whisper of Blossom Collection

I promised you guys an abundance of beautiful fashion this month, and I can’t think of a better collection to kick things off with than the 2017 Mira Zwillinger. Long time readers of the blog will know that we’ve been a fan of Mira’s since forever, and every year I look forward to sharing the new collection. Every year I say they couldn’t get more gorgeous, and then they do. This year is no exception. Nobody does ethereal, demure illusion lace like Mira Zwillinger, the embellishment on each gown so delicate it’s almost organic. If a dress could form itself out of flowers, Disney-style, then these would be it – and no wonder, as the collection was inspired by that moment of spring: “when the first buds of life appear on the naked branches, still shuddering from the cold winter… it’s that moment when nature starts to whisper and hum its tune of rebirth and renewal… the moment of pristine stillness, hinting at the eye-opening magnificence to come.” But don’t be fooled by how dainty they look. Having worked with Mira’s dresses on a shoot before, I know that as soft as they appear, each gown is exquisitely constructed. So let’s take a peek at the latest, most beautiful collection from one of my all-time favourite international designers. Dress swoon DELUXE.

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Mira Zwillinger Stardust Collection

Some things are an annual tradition for me. Buying peonies as soon as I can find them. Getting excited when a new season of Greys hits my TV screen (not no more though, thanks Shonda). And every year, when I see the latest collection by Israeli mother and daughter-run label Mira Zwillinger, I declare that this is it, it couldn’t possibly get more lovely and amazing. Except that every year it does. And this year… Wow. I mean, seriously. Wow. Sparkle and lace and illusion and softness and romance and elegant silhouettes. Every single gown in the new Stardust collection is absolutely breathtaking, heart-stopping, knee-melting. As beautiful wedding dresses go, I can’t imagine it gets any better than this. Except that, as is tradition, it probably will ;) Until then… let’s fall in love.Read More

Mira Zwillinger 2014/2015 Collection

You know, there are some wedding dress designers that each year when they release a new collection, I think they’ve outdone themselves – surely reached the tippety top of as pretty as their dresses can be – but lo and behold, the next season I’m dying over their new collection all over again. Mira Zwillinger is one of those designers, and true to form, her 2014/2015 collection is my favourite yet. Holy embroidered and illusion lace amazingness. Combined, as Mira does, with super soft, billowy skirts that combine into the ultimate mix of drama and elegant femininity. Long story short, I’m a huge fan. So let’s schedule some sigh-time to have a look at this latest bevy of beauties from the Israeli designer (not available in SA as far as I know, but can be found at Browns in London).Read More

Mira Zwillinger 2014

Happy Friday, folks! We end off this week of loveliness with one more piece of lovely that will have you swooning your swooniest swoons. I’ve been in love with Mira Zwillinger‘s dresses ever since we featured them in this shoot, but I think it’s a love that has gone to a whole new level with the 2013/2014 collection. Like the previous one, it’s built on a combination of soft fabrics and fine lace details, but if it’s possible, this year it’s even more feminine and beautiful. These are the kind of dresses you just want to wrap up in tissue paper and sigh over. They’re definitely the kind of bridal couture that will make a breathtaking impression on any bride. My favourite is the New Beatrice (first below), a revision on one of the incredible dresses I worked with – I didn’t think it was possible to make it more beautiful, but Mira has. So here we go. Meet your new favourite dresses.Read More

Sparkle & Blush

Afternoon, lovelies! It’s time for Part 2 of today’s Sparkle & Blush fest. Hopefully you won’t be tired of seeing this shoot already, but I couldn’t resist doing a full post of all my favourite images (some that you won’t have seen before). That said, I’ll shut up and let you enjoy them! ;)Read More

Mira Zwillinger Reflections Collection

To celebrate the publication of our Sparkle & Blush images in My Wedding Day, I thought it was high time I shared with you the jaw-dropping dresses we were lucky enough to include in this shoot. I am seriously so in love with them, possibly even more so now than when I first saw them. They’re the kind of dresses that will have your guests gasping as the church doors open, that will bring a tear to your husband’s (father’s, mother’s, bridesmaid’s) eye, that you’ll still be sneaking into the spare bedroom cupboard years after the wedding just to steal another look at. They’re works of fashion art, simple as that. The designer behind all this gorgeousness is Mira Zwillinger, who established her studio in Israel in 1991. Her couture designs are now available in New York and London (where Browns Bride were kind enough to lend them to us), and will soon be in Australia too. Her 2012 collection, Reflections, is a collaboration with her daughter Lihi (after whom one of my favourite dresses is named) and is inspired by glass sculpture – designs which appear to share the light, reflective qualities, but are made from the softest fabrics, sourced from Paris and Milan. Get ready to do some actual swooning.

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