L is for Love

I have such a fab shoot to share with you today! I absolutely love a bit of colour, and this styled inspiration, from the awesome Louise of b.loved and EFC Photography, is ALL about colour. And not just in the decor, which has a super fun pop art vibe to it, but in four different, really gorgeous looks perfect for a statement bride. This is the kind of shoot that is a perfect example of why I think inspiration shoots are good for the wedding industry. Sure, you might not reproduce the entire ensemble for your big day, but everywhere you look here, there’s a great idea. Pick one or two, and they’ll really jazz up your wedding with that extra edge of ‘specialness’ (for lack of a better word).Read More

Sparkle & Blush

Afternoon, lovelies! It’s time for Part 2 of today’s Sparkle & Blush fest. Hopefully you won’t be tired of seeing this shoot already, but I couldn’t resist doing a full post of all my favourite images (some that you won’t have seen before). That said, I’ll shut up and let you enjoy them! ;)Read More

Winter Gold {Plus DIY details + special offer}

You guys, I am doing such a happy dance as I post this feature today! It has been a long while coming, and I am thrilled to finally be able to share it with you. See, this isn’t just a beautiful shoot that someone sent me, I was actually there for this one. I saw it put together from scratch. I even helped make it happen a little. Not that it’s my shoot – ‘assisted’ is the key term here. All of this shimmery, wintery loveliness comes straight from the imagination of styling queen Louise Beukes of b.loved (how pretty must it be inside her mind?) as well as the lens of Liesl Cheney. It’s all about making your guests feel cozy while at the same time sweeping them up Narnia-style into a world of snowflakes and pinecones and sophisticated elegance. And now’s a good time for me to say how proud I am of everything Louise has achieved. A couple of years ago, she approached me as a SouthBound Bride herself, and told me she wanted to start a blog. I thought it was a great idea. Then she told me she wanted to be a stylist, and I thought that was an even better one. The result is not only daily eye candy on her fabulous blog, but a portfolio that is just busting at the seams with loveliness. This was one of her first shoots, so you can see she hit the ground running. Oh, and the reason we didn’t show it to you earlier? Only because it was too busy being featured in UK magazine You & Your Wedding.Read More

I Wrote a Letter to my Love…

It isn’t every day that I get a couple making a return appearance on SouthBound Bride. Sometimes I hear news of babies and travel adventures from your photographers, sometimes you brides become fellow bloggers or industry pros, and I imagine one day I’ll bump into one of you on the street somewhere (although I probably won’t say hello, since you’ll have no idea who I am!). But today I get to welcome back one of my first couples in a styled photo session, which is actually very exciting. As soon as stylist Tamalin Braun sent over this stunning ‘loveshoot’ (like a cros between an inspiration shoot and a couple shoot – so cute!) I recognised Lauren and Riaan from their wedding (back when we were Cap Classique) – after all, it wasn’t easy to forget their breathtaking wedding pictures in the apple orchards. It’s so special to see them – two years on – still as in love as ever. The theme of the day was ‘I wrote a letter to my love…’ and I absolutely love the dreamy, slightly boho images shot in a canola field with Lauren and Riaan playing model. Aren’t they beautiful? Photographer Tiffany B. is the rockstar behind the camera, and I just love how she’s captured all the little bits and interactions, not to mention that delicious light. Thanks so much for sharing Tam and Tiffany!Read More