Elegant Naturals Picnic Wedding at Elandskloof {Shani & David}

What are your ingredients for a fabulous wedding? If I had to make a list, I think Shani & David would pretty much have checked every box. This adorable couple wanted a wedding that reflected their personalities and style, and allowed them to celebrate with family and friends over an extended wedding weekend. They managed both, and more besides. A riverside picnic after a forest ceremony, an open air reception with the most gorgeous rustic florals, including botanical-style arrangements and chandeliers, and a glitter filled pinata to open the dancefloor under the stars. And let’s just take a moment to mention Shani’s gorgeous (and unusual) wedding gown, the troop of sweet flowergirls and pageboys, and the bride’s organic cascade bouquet. Country wedding perfection, basically, delivered up in a chilled out, laid-back, sparkly and super happy style.Read More

Forest Tea Party Engagement Shoot by YeahYeah Photography

My favourite type of engagement shoots are those that say something about the couple, and especially those where they get to just hang out together, doing what they love. That’s a perfect description of today’s shoot, since lovebirds Glen and Kelly share a love for teacups, so for their eshoot with Helena of YeahYeah Photography, they decided to have a tea party in a dusky forest, sharing a cake and reading some of their favourite books. Adorable! Kelly also happens to be a wedding planner, and she’s blogging about planning her own wedding over on her site, so be sure to check it out!Read More

Real Wedding at Mont Rouge {Loura & Derick}

True story: I would have written this intro last night if it weren’t for Grey’s Anatomy. But after watching McSteamy’s demise (and, er, crying for an hour while it happened) I felt so miserable I couldn’t write about love and romance. I know, ridiculous. But if you have any complaints about today’s post starting late, please send them directly to Shonda Rhimes and her team of writers. Mean Shonda. ANYWAY, it’s a new dawn and a new day, and I’m super excited to bring you this wedding. It is adorable, in truly South African country vintage style, with a beautiful lace dress (LOVE that statement back!), proteas and Bashew’s bottles. But the star of the show is a car so small that the bride and groom were able to literally drive into their reception. Is that not the cutest thing you’ve ever heard? Well, wait till you actually see it. I love fun little touches like this, and Loura and Derek had a huge amount of fun planning their big day and making it perfect. Bernard Bravenboer was there to document all the happiness in these beautiful pictures.Read More

I Wrote a Letter to my Love…

It isn’t every day that I get a couple making a return appearance on SouthBound Bride. Sometimes I hear news of babies and travel adventures from your photographers, sometimes you brides become fellow bloggers or industry pros, and I imagine one day I’ll bump into one of you on the street somewhere (although I probably won’t say hello, since you’ll have no idea who I am!). But today I get to welcome back one of my first couples in a styled photo session, which is actually very exciting. As soon as stylist Tamalin Braun sent over this stunning ‘loveshoot’ (like a cros between an inspiration shoot and a couple shoot – so cute!) I recognised Lauren and Riaan from their wedding (back when we were Cap Classique) – after all, it wasn’t easy to forget their breathtaking wedding pictures in the apple orchards. It’s so special to see them – two years on – still as in love as ever. The theme of the day was ‘I wrote a letter to my love…’ and I absolutely love the dreamy, slightly boho images shot in a canola field with Lauren and Riaan playing model. Aren’t they beautiful? Photographer Tiffany B. is the rockstar behind the camera, and I just love how she’s captured all the little bits and interactions, not to mention that delicious light. Thanks so much for sharing Tam and Tiffany!Read More

London Park Engagement Shoot

I have such a sweet engagement shoot for you today, submitted by Wimbledon-based photographer Maxeen Kim. She sent over Cameron and Weronika’s super sweet story as proof that South African men can be romantic – don’t you love it? (Actually, while my dating history reads like a small corner of the United Nations, I haven’t actually dated that many Saffa men myself, so I couldn’t comment either way, but it’s nice to know Cameron is making our boys look good!) Weronika is actually from Poland, and the two lovebirds met when Weronika was hunting for a flat-share. Four years of dating and trips to both South Africa and Poland followed, before Cameron booked a surprise flight to Paris for Weronika’s birthday (somewhere she had always wanted to visit). She thought that was the big surprise, but in fact it was an Eiffel Tower proposal! For their engagement shoot, they chose to recreate a picnic in the park – something they often do in London – and incorporate a fan souvenir from their Paris trip. Cute, non?Read More

Real Wedding at Schoone Oordt {Julie & Matthew}

In some ways, I think this might be one of my favourite weeks on the blog so far – I just love everything I’ve featured so much! And the hits just keep on coming with Julie and Matthew’s picnic-style wedding. How much are we loving picnic weddings right now? (Clue: A LOT.) And this one takes it to a whole new level, with the most personal and sweet favour I’ve seen yet – each guest at the country nuptials at Schoone Oordt in Swellendam received their own quilt, handmade by the bride’s mother! Wow. Now there’s something I’d like to find in my picnic basket! In fact, when you see the champagne-flowing-friends-laughing-kicked-off-shoes kinda vibe, you’re going to wish you were on the guest list too. The superb Jules Morgan has perfectly captured all the joy of the moment in her dreamy, sunkissed pictures, and the looks on Julie and Matthew’s faces during the ceremony really say it all.Read More

Real Wedding at Montagu Guano Cave Guest Farm {Carla & Bennie}

There are days when writing this blog feels a little like wish fulfilment. Ask and it shall be given unto you, kind of thing. Because it was just a few weeks ago that I was all “I am dying to see someone with a giant chess set” and now here today are the lovely Bennie and Carla and their giant chess set (amongst other awesome lawn games). I don’t know why, but that makes me ridiculously excited. (Come on. It’s a giant chess set!) And that isn’t all! Because I have also been on about how much I love Great Gatsby and the 1920s, and you guys, that is the whole theme of Bennie and Carla’s wedding. Eek! What can I say, you stylish brides and grooms make mama very happy. :) And that STILL isn’t all. Because not only did this couple have the most gorgeous, gorgeous flapper party ever with their friends (who were all fun enough to dress up), but the lovely was captured by Nastassja Harvey, who you may remember from this amazing wedding (yeah, I know you do, because it’s our most viewed wedding EVER). Nastassja is a total superstar in the making, and I am thrilled to have her on Cap Classique again. SO. Get your glad rags on and crank up the gramophone, because trust me, it’s time for a happy dance!Read More

Real Wedding at Harold Porter Botanical Gardens {Carley & Marius}

Living in London, one of my all-time favourite days of the year is when I walk past my local florist and notice that the tulips are in. There they sit, in all their pretty, perfect colours, telling me that spring is on its way and immediately making me well up with happiness. I’m a HUGE fan of tulips. Which is why I totally coveted the bouquet today’s bride carried from the very first moment I saw it. But it didn’t stop there. Once I saw the rest of this oh-so-laid-back picnic wedding, I just knew I had to share it with all of you! Carley and Marius decided to host their ceremony and reception at the Harold Porter Botanical Gardens, which I hadn’t even heard of, but which I am totally putting on the list for next time I’m home because the surroundings are just so beautiful. Their day was everything a Cape Town summer wedding should be – all bright colours and parasols and cupcakes. I just love Carley’s pretty dress, and the way they used streamers instead of confetti. And anyone who serves choc ices at their reception is a winner in my book! Their photographer was Bernard Bravenboer, who I’ve been looking forward to featuring on the blog for some time. Welcome, Bernard! And a massive thank you to Carley and Marius for sharing their day.

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Plum Festival Themed Wedding at Rhebokskloof by Monica Dart

I love it when I come across a couple that chooses to do their wedding differently. I love it even more when they don’t just do it to be cool or unique, but to reflect the things that mean something to them or share a part of their history with their friends and family. Rebecca and Jacques are one of those couples – they met at a music festival a couple of years ago, so for their wedding day decided to recreate that carefree summer vibe complete with a lakeside picnic and an awesome live band that had their guests dancing on the grass late into the night. In fact, I am totally jealous of anyone who got to go to this wedding, since it looks like so much FUN! Fortunately, the super lovely Monica Dart was there to capture the day through her photos, and she’s done an amazing job of bringing it to life. Enjoy!

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