Real Wedding at Olive Rock {Mari & Morné}

Hello lovelies, are you ready for your daily portion of wedding gorgeousness? Well, we’re serving it up hot, with awesome on the side. Today’s wedding is a mixture between fun and elegant, with a cheeky nod to the bride and groom’s M&M initials with M&M favours and cute monogram details throughout. Lush white flowers, cute cartoon stationery, soft stripes, grey bridesmaids dresses with billowy baby’s breath bouquets and adorable personalised cake toppers continue to walk the line between classic and light hearted. It’s a combination that really appeals, especially since the gorgeous wedding pics were taken by none other than SBB fave Nastassja Harvey. Tash’s clean, bright style is just perfect for this wedding – enjoy!Read More

Real Wedding at Kleinevalleij {Helmare & Len}

Get ready, lovelies, because the inspiration is about to start coming thick and fast today, on into the evening. Starting with this incredible wedding from Nastassja Harvey. That in itself is exciting, since I LOVE Tash’s crisp, clean style but for those of you who love a white on white colour scheme full of glamour and grace, this wedding will blow you away. It’s just beautifully put together. I think one of my favourite details (a small but effective one) is the way that the flowers are a twist on the recent ‘white flowers in different vintage containers’ trend. For a more modern look, Helmare & Len have gone for a variety of glass containers, with white flowers grouped according to type. It’s just so clean and fresh and lovely. Not to mention the custom dance floor, the elegant escort card board, or the cake and sweet table. Kleinevalleij really lends itself to this look, and co-ordinator Izandi of I Do has outdone herself on this one! Here we go… enjoy! (And don’t forget to keep checking back today so you don’t miss a thing!)Read More

Real Wedding at Anura Vineyards {Cheryl & Sven}

SOOOO excited to share today’s (bumper!) post with you – it feels like it has been in the pipeline since forever! Of course, that’s because today we’re sharing the wedding of Cheryl McEwan, our friend and colleague, SBB sponsor, and of course, Real Life Bride. Together we’ve followed Cheryl on her planning journey, from inspiration to reality. And wow. That reality is so much more gorgeous than I could even have imagined. Not just because it’s photographed by the legend that is Nastassja Harvey (although it helps). As a photographer, Cheryl has an amazing eye for detail, and putting that together with her wedding experience, she created a masterclass in shabby chic/country vintage styling that must have been a pleasure to shoot and attend. She’s also collaborated with her friends in the industry – Doodles Laser in particular – to add sweet new twists to the ideas that inspired her (read her Real Life Bride archive to see how these evolved). The result is an incredible wedding, blessed with rainbows (literally) and laughter – here’s wishing Cheryl and Sven many blessings in the next chapter of their lives together.Read More

Real Wedding at Montagu Guano Cave Guest Farm {Carla & Bennie}

There are days when writing this blog feels a little like wish fulfilment. Ask and it shall be given unto you, kind of thing. Because it was just a few weeks ago that I was all “I am dying to see someone with a giant chess set” and now here today are the lovely Bennie and Carla and their giant chess set (amongst other awesome lawn games). I don’t know why, but that makes me ridiculously excited. (Come on. It’s a giant chess set!) And that isn’t all! Because I have also been on about how much I love Great Gatsby and the 1920s, and you guys, that is the whole theme of Bennie and Carla’s wedding. Eek! What can I say, you stylish brides and grooms make mama very happy. :) And that STILL isn’t all. Because not only did this couple have the most gorgeous, gorgeous flapper party ever with their friends (who were all fun enough to dress up), but the lovely was captured by Nastassja Harvey, who you may remember from this amazing wedding (yeah, I know you do, because it’s our most viewed wedding EVER). Nastassja is a total superstar in the making, and I am thrilled to have her on Cap Classique again. SO. Get your glad rags on and crank up the gramophone, because trust me, it’s time for a happy dance!Read More

Real Wedding in Simon’s Town {Joy & Dylan}

When I was 22 I lived in Italy, and I dated a boy there. We used to go and get drinks by the canals, and stare into each other’s eyes and he would tell me I had “the look”. What look? The look of luuuurve my friends. Googly-eyed, starry-eyed, whatever you want to call it. Well, you see those two up there? Yup, that’s The Look. But the fact that Dylan and Joy are blatantly glowing with how crazy they are for one another is not the only reason I love today’s wedding (although it’s my favourite reason). The fact is that this wedding is unbeeeeleeeeeevably gorgeous. As in, make oooh faces at it, poise your mouse over the favourites button before you’ve even finished reading it type of gorgeous. In fact, I’m making The Look at this wedding right now because I’m so in love with it. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it has an achingly pretty (and contemporary) palette of soft pink and grey, or that the bride is a stone cold fox and her husband a strapping professional rugby player, or that the photographs are by up-and-coming and super talented photographer Nastassja Harvey (who you should totally book now while you still have the chance). And apparently the folks over at Top Billing agree, since Joy and Dylan’s wedding was featured on the show last week (yay!). Whether you managed to catch it or not, you are going to love the chance to savour every image from this beautiful day.Read More