Macaron Tower Wedding Cakes

So this month we’re all about spring pastels and you KNOW I couldn’t do that without mentioning macarons, because to me there’s no prettier or classier inspiration for mixed pastels than that kingdom of the macaron, Laduree. We’ve chatted about macaron favours before, but another option for including these blogger faves is as an alternative to a cake – a macaron wedding tower. These always invite oohs of delight, and they’re a great way to mix and match colours, as you’ll see below – you can even go metallic (is there anything more covetable than a gold macaron? Not in my book). So let’s sit back and be inspired (and try not to get too hungry) with some of my top picks from around the web.

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Real Wedding at Montagu Guano Cave Guest Farm {Carla & Bennie}

There are days when writing this blog feels a little like wish fulfilment. Ask and it shall be given unto you, kind of thing. Because it was just a few weeks ago that I was all “I am dying to see someone with a giant chess set” and now here today are the lovely Bennie and Carla and their giant chess set (amongst other awesome lawn games). I don’t know why, but that makes me ridiculously excited. (Come on. It’s a giant chess set!) And that isn’t all! Because I have also been on about how much I love Great Gatsby and the 1920s, and you guys, that is the whole theme of Bennie and Carla’s wedding. Eek! What can I say, you stylish brides and grooms make mama very happy. :) And that STILL isn’t all. Because not only did this couple have the most gorgeous, gorgeous flapper party ever with their friends (who were all fun enough to dress up), but the lovely was captured by Nastassja Harvey, who you may remember from this amazing wedding (yeah, I know you do, because it’s our most viewed wedding EVER). Nastassja is a total superstar in the making, and I am thrilled to have her on Cap Classique again. SO. Get your glad rags on and crank up the gramophone, because trust me, it’s time for a happy dance!Read More

Wedding cake alternatives

There was a time, not too long ago, when a wedding cake was a completely standard part of every wedding reception. And, in fact, when it would have been pretty much unheard of for that cake not to be a traditional fruit cake. (As a lifelong raisin hater, let me tell you, I was at the front of the queue cheering when that tradition gave way to all sorts of new and yummy cake options.) Then came the cupcake revolution, which felt very cutting edge at the time. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a cupcake? I still think they’re a great option. But recently, couples have been getting more and more creative and personalised in choosing their ‘cake’ (which usually doubles as their dessert). It’s just one more way to show your personality or extend your wedding theme, and can provide a charming talking point for your guests.

Probably my favourite cake alternative (for those without a sweet tooth) is the cheese cake – literally, rounds of cake stacked up to look like a cheese. We featured a fab one as part of Kira & Jason’s wedding, and here are some of my favourites (especially LOVE the goat’s cheese one!)

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