Opulent Pastel Wedding at Webersburg by Warren Williams {Vabakshnee & Geoff}

We have a bit of a celebrity wedding today, lovelies! You may have already seen lovely SABC news anchor Vabakshnee Chetty’s wedding to hubby Geoffrey Miller on Top Billing, but I couldn’t resist sharing their beautiful pastel celebration with you again here. I’ve seen lots of pastel weddings over the years, but I absolutely love how this one manages to be incredibly elegant and opulent as well as sweet and romantic, and the pastel palette is just part of that – like a box of LadurĂ©e macarons or a froth of blush or baby blue on the Oscars red carpet. Vee, as her friends call her, looked absolutely gorgeous in not just one but two amazing dresses, and after a lakeside meal complete with soft white drapes and sparkling crystal chandeliers, the couple and their guests danced the night away with her in the second, intricate lace creation. Warren Williams captured all the fun, frolicks and finery, as only he can.
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Real Wedding in Simon’s Town {Joy & Dylan}

When I was 22 I lived in Italy, and I dated a boy there. We used to go and get drinks by the canals, and stare into each other’s eyes and he would tell me I had “the look”. What look? The look of luuuurve my friends. Googly-eyed, starry-eyed, whatever you want to call it. Well, you see those two up there? Yup, that’s The Look. But the fact that Dylan and Joy are blatantly glowing with how crazy they are for one another is not the only reason I love today’s wedding (although it’s my favourite reason). The fact is that this wedding is unbeeeeleeeeeevably gorgeous. As in, make oooh faces at it, poise your mouse over the favourites button before you’ve even finished reading it type of gorgeous. In fact, I’m making The Look at this wedding right now because I’m so in love with it. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it has an achingly pretty (and contemporary) palette of soft pink and grey, or that the bride is a stone cold fox and her husband a strapping professional rugby player, or that the photographs are by up-and-coming and super talented photographer Nastassja Harvey (who you should totally book now while you still have the chance). And apparently the folks over at Top Billing agree, since Joy and Dylan’s wedding was featured on the show last week (yay!). Whether you managed to catch it or not, you are going to love the chance to savour every image from this beautiful day.Read More