Sparkle & Blush

Afternoon, lovelies! It’s time for Part 2 of today’s Sparkle & Blush fest. Hopefully you won’t be tired of seeing this shoot already, but I couldn’t resist doing a full post of all my favourite images (some that you won’t have seen before). That said, I’ll shut up and let you enjoy them! ;)

One last GIGANTIC thank you to all the amazing people who brought Sparkle & Blush to life – I’d recommend every one of them a dozen times over. A special thanks must go to Chanelle and Louise for their general vision, creativity, inspiration and enthusiasm! To say it was a pleasure to work with them is definitely understating. :)

Photography: Chanelle Segerius Bruce | Video: The Dreamcatchers | Styling: b.loved | Styling: SouthBound Bride | Venue: Botley’s Mansion | Stationery: Invitation Gallery | Flowers: Wildabout | Dresses: Mira Zwillinger | Makeup: Kaz Fernando | Hair: Severin Hubert for The Hepburn Collection | Cake: Janet Mohapi-Banks (no longer taking orders) | Hair accessories: Debbie Carlisle | Jewellery: Olivier Laudus | Model: Chloe Jasmine Wichello

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