Real Wedding at Kelvin Grove {Annerie & Murray}

It’s no secret how much I love the Cape countryside, with its breathtaking winelands and lush farms, and all the incredible wedding venues that take advantage of the rural settings and spectacular scenery. But I also get really excited when a wedding comes across my desk that taps into the vibrant heart of Cape Town instead. Anyone who’s spent any time there will know what an amazing city it is, and there’s so much largely untapped potential for vibey, modern weddings that your guests will really remember (and not have to shell out for accommodation either, bonus!). Case in point: Annerie & Murray’s GORGEOUS red and black number at Kelvin Grove. It’s clear from the first glance that this is a couple who are alive with vibrancy and passion and who brought that energy to their Big Day. My best bits: playing card ’boutonnieres’, streamers instead of confetti as they shared their first kiss, the clever vinyl and apple place settings, the groom’s suit and tie (and of course the bride’s lovely dress) and their couple shoot, which might be one of my favourites ever. It’s modern wedding perfection, and is brought to you through the fabulous photos of Wesley Vorster, who I’m thrilled to have on Cap Classique for the first time! Get ready to be wowed!

From Annerie:
Murray and I met in 2007 at Shofar church in Pretoria. We were both still studying at the time and not really looking to date, but instantly became good friends. About six months into our friendship, I realized that I was starting to fall head over heels in love with this man… and he had no clue whatsoever – according to him, we were best friends! And so I tried to deny it and guarded my heart as much as possible. That is, until our pastor and friend asked me straight whether I had feelings for him or not – I couldn’t deny it any longer, my heart was already lost. :) For another month we stayed friends, but it was absolute torture from my side. We hung out all the time, and everyone kept asking whether we were kuiering (courting) or not, and all I could do was say “we’re just friends”. At the end of the seventh month, after a camping trip in the Drakensberg with his family, his attitude towards me changed completely – he was even flirting a bit and I reacted like a little girl and couldn’t stop talking! Then suddenly he kissed me and said: “Ok, I’m sure, there is no other woman like you, I want you!” …and then I fell off the couch. :) We dated for three wonderful years!

In August 2010, Murray planned this sightseeing-chill-out day for us (we had a hectic few months behind us, and it was the first day we had open to just enjoy together!). Murray is definitely the best cook in the world, and so he made this awesome lunch/picnic and took me to Boulders Beach to see the penguins. We then drove along Cape Point and finally ended up at this stunning Cape Peninsula picnic reserve! I honestly did not suspect a thing as he was busy looking into doing his PhD and kept saying he didn’t want to make any big decisions before he was sure where he was going next… so when he pulled out the ring, I freaked out for about ten minutes in hysterical laughter and tears. He had to ask me twice as I didn’t even hear him the first time – it truly was one of the best days of my life!

Murray and I decided right from the word go that we were planning the wedding together, which helped so much. We are both very creative people and it made the process so much more fun and memorable!

We just went with everything that was us or had a personal connection to “our story”. The main concept was using playing cards – Murray taught me how to play poker at the Berg, but that night I was on a total sugar high and kept laughing and winning each round (even though I had no idea what I was doing) , but that was a big reason that helped him make up his mind about me as he saw a side of me that he had never seen before. We also decided to make the dress code smart-casual and funky, as that is who we are!

The moment Murray came into view as I came down the aisle was one of my favourite moments… it was too much… I was laughing, crying, he was crying, my dad was hugging my arm tighter… It was such a joyful-we-are-finally-doing-this-yeah! moment for everyone! The whole ceremony was amazing – Murray and I are both Christians and we had a massive expectation for God’s love to be present at our wedding… and wow… when the worship started, it was like it just exploded onto everyone! We both sang from our hearts and didn’t hold back, and it was so wonderful to hear all our family and friends singing just as hard behind us! This really was a day to celebrate with God as He brought us together and was going to knit us together for life. :)

The whole way through, we didn’t just go with what was expected or traditional, but did what we love and showed who we are. For example, I had no bouquet, our pre-dinner drinks and snacks were Coke and fruit, and no garter or flowers were thrown (instead, my husband organised that we sing ‘Aint No Mountain High Enough’ as a surprise! We came into the reception dancing like crazy to a ’90s techno song. We also loved all the speeches – I can truly say (and our guests said the same) the speeches at our wedding were so sincere, so precious, so real…. it meant so much to everyone! We also chose to have a photo booth (big success) and a ‘memory lane’ (photos of us, telling our story, which was made by one of my bridesmaids).

My advice to future brides is just to have fun and do whatever you want to! You do not have to have a massive budget to have an incredible, memorable wedding! Involve your friends and family, their hearts are for you and it makes it so much more fun!

Thank you soooo much to the lovely Annerie & Murray – wishing you guys many blessings in your life together! Thank you also to Wesley Vorster for generously sharing his pictures, and you can see more on his blog.

Service providers:

Venue & catering: Kelvin Grove
Photographer: Wesley Vorster
Florist & decor: Mariette Loubser
Stationery: Pieter Janse van Rensburg, 0769008095
Dress: Magda Grove, 0829230141
Photobooth: PhotoBooth Inc.

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