Real Wedding at the Mount Nelson Hotel {Heide & Greg}

When I was in high school, I used to spend the afternoons at my mother’s office. At some point I discovered a second hand bookshop down the road, where I used to spend a fair amount of browsing time. And, you know, I have a literature degree, so I’m a little embarrassed to admit that they weren’t stocked with Shakespeare, but rather row upon row of Harlequin Romance. So unfortunately, I’m qualified to tell you that two doctors in love? Is straight out of a romance novel. This particular love story has a sweet beginning, an enviable proposal, and a beautiful wedding captured perfectly by new-to-SBB photographer Moira West. Heide had me at hello with that pearl headband, but the iconic Cape Town location (the Mount Nelson Hotel), the carnation bridesmaid bouquets (I TOLD you they were back!), the abundance of roses and the classic pink and grey colour scheme had more than enough to keep me interested, right through to the happy ending.Read More



Yep, I said it. Carnations. For your wedding. And I know this is going to be controversial, and that right now you’re making a face and thinking you may not bother reading to the end of the post because this isn’t for you. I know this because every single time I mention carnations to friends in any context, they get that same look and say “I’m not such a big fan of carnations, personally…”. Who is? They’re the flowers we overlook at the market stall, that we wouldn’t be caught dead giving a friend for her birthday, and probably the only flowers that can get a guy negative points for giving us. I get it. But bear with me, because you’re wrong. Seriously. Carnations. Trust me.Read More