Fairy Tale Inspiration

Hope you’re all having a lovely day so far! I am rushing around Cape Town like a crazy person in Crazy Town on Crazy Day, so no wedding today. Instead, it’s time for a bit of inspiration, and I hope you all believe in fairytales, because¬†fairytales were exactly where the fabulous Jaco van Loggerenberg of Just Jack co-ordinators looked when he designed his award-winning stand at last year’s Spier Bridal Show (together with Elsje Designs and Floral Affairs). Not only are fairytales a big trend right now in general (just look at how many have been turned into films), but they’re also perfect underlying themes for a wedding, especially if you take the classy, understated approach that Jaco and his team have. There’s the earthy rustics of Rapunzel, the wintery beauty of Snow White, and the soft whimsical romance of Cinderella. Three very different heroines, and three very different looks. All with one thing in common… they lived happily ever after! Which is your favourite?Read More