Goa Waterfall Couple Shoot

I am soooooooop-ah excited about this couple shoot, because you guys, it is not only breathtaking, but it has such an awesome story attached. I’m a huge fan of photographer Claire Morgan (a South African now based in Europe, although she travels, and I would dearly love to feature a South African wedding she shoots, hint hint). I guess an artist is never off duty, because she happened to be wandering around Goa, India (as you do) and came across this gorgeous couple at a picturesque waterfall. Anna and Ilya were on a visit from Russia (where Anna is actually a photographer herself) and after striking up a conversation, Claire offered to do an impromtu couple shoot for them. This is the kind of shoot you can’t style – completely spontaneous and natural and real, but it looks like it could be out of the fashion pages of a top magazine. Claire’s pics have such a sense of place, and Anna and Ilya have such an amazing chemistry – how lovely to hear from Claire that they are since engaged :) This might be one of my all-time favourites – enjoy! And thanks so much for sharing Claire!Read More

Beach Love Engagement Shoot

I’ve joked in the past about how South Africans are secretly taking over the world (sshh, it’s a stealth mission) but sometimes I really think we are taking over the wedding industry. Everywhere I look on the international scene I come across talented people with a connection to SA, and I have to admit, I love it. It makes me feel homegrown and cosmopolitan at the same time. Like I want to run down the streets of Manhattan pushing a crate of Castle (and if you don’t get that reference, don’t tell me, because you’ll make me feel old). Anyway, Claire Morgan is one of those people. Most of the year, she lives in Austria, where she shoots extraordinarily beautiful weddings, well, beautifully. For about six weeks she graces Cape Town’s photography scene, and this year, she used part of that time to shoot this absolutely beautiful beach engagement shoot of her cousin Elizabeth and her fiance Neil.Read More