Botanical Boho Engagement by Clareece Smit

Time for some Monday prettiness! This boho beautiful engagement shoot in a greenhouse setting really captured my heart – the flower-decked tipi, the rustic elements like antlers, and of course the gorgeous florals by Myrtle Events & Styling and photography by Clareece Smit. It’s a really fun, creative, but also seriously pretty way to do an engagement shoot, and the best part for me is that it tied in perfectly with the couple’s (Charlene and WD’s) own wedding theme (which also incorporates antlers). Gorgeous!

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Pillow Fight Engagement Shoot by Kallah Ohr

Oh we have a treat of an engagement shoot to share this afternoon! A bed, in a field, and a pillow fight. Need  say more? So ridiculously fun! Add in some thunder clouds, and of course the magnetic connection between Tanya and Johann, and you have all the ingredients for an epic session. The fab Kallah Ohr was on the scene to capture these  beautiful images.Read More

Polaroid Engagement Shoot

How much do I love the idea of this shoot? A LOT, that’s how much. A couple, two big smiles and a Polaroid camera. Simples. It makes for such a fun and natural engagement shoot, without being posey but still being cute. Coba Engelbrecht was there to capture every giggle, every kiss and every lovely image of Phillip and Liezl. Which is especially lovely, since the bride-to-be is family!Read More

Garden Engagement with a Jenna Clifford Ring

They say sometimes when you know, you just know. And sometimes… well, your mother knows before you do. That was the case with Shayna and Gavin, who have such an unusual and awesome story (read on for more). And the mother in question (Shayna’s) is none other than South Africa’s own Jenna Clifford, whose name you’ll no doubt recognise from her beautiful line of jewellery. So as you can imagine, this shoot features a very sparkly sparkler too – I just adore Shayna’s ring! This is one for the jewellery fans, for the romantics, and for all the mothers out there who still hope to set up their daughters (except mine, don’t get any ideas mom! ;) ) Huge thanks to the fab Kallah Ohr for sending over her gorgeous pics.Read More

Puppy Love Engagement Shoot

Afternoon, friends! Well, I promised you a double dose of this couple (and of course the fab Jacki Bruniquel too) today, and you won’t be disappointed with this super adorable e-shoot on the family farm. Jax so perfectly captures the mood of each couple shoot she does, and this one is so personal, what with all the memories the farm has for Chantel from growing up there. It’s also the place Brett proposed, making it even more special as a shoot location. And I love, love, loved that they included their three dogs in the pics. Anyone who knows me will know that I am a total dog person – in fact, my family has a standing joke that wherever we are, if there’s a dog in the room it will immediately come up to me (secretly, I love this). So not only am I cooing at how utterly cute these furbabies are, but I’m loving the laid-back happy atmosphere they add to the pictures, perfectly the happy vibes given off by this loved-up couple. They say never work with children or animals… but Chantel and Brett may beg to differ!Read More

Goa Waterfall Couple Shoot

I am soooooooop-ah excited about this couple shoot, because you guys, it is not only breathtaking, but it has such an awesome story attached. I’m a huge fan of photographer Claire Morgan (a South African now based in Europe, although she travels, and I would dearly love to feature a South African wedding she shoots, hint hint). I guess an artist is never off duty, because she happened to be wandering around Goa, India (as you do) and came across this gorgeous couple at a picturesque waterfall. Anna and Ilya were on a visit from Russia (where Anna is actually a photographer herself) and after striking up a conversation, Claire offered to do an impromtu couple shoot for them. This is the kind of shoot you can’t style – completely spontaneous and natural and real, but it looks like it could be out of the fashion pages of a top magazine. Claire’s pics have such a sense of place, and Anna and Ilya have such an amazing chemistry – how lovely to hear from Claire that they are since engaged :) This might be one of my all-time favourites – enjoy! And thanks so much for sharing Claire!Read More

Spring Engagement Shoot

I can’t think of a more perfect shoot to share with you today, as we head into the Easter weekend. Easter has kind of sneaked up on me this year, but I’ve decided to take tomorrow off (for once) and try to switch off and relax a bit. Before I do, I’m so excited to share this spring styled engagement shoot from awesome photographer Louise Vorster with you. Best of all, the bride-to-be Nicole is a huge fan of SouthBound Bride – which obviously makes us a big fan of hers – especially since she pulled together such an adorable set-up to celebrate her upcoming marriage to fiance Andre. I am especially smitten by the little chicks – aren’t they the cutest? I know that Easter isn’t really spring in SA, but if it gives you an excuse to grab your loved one and set up a super sweet pastelly country style picnic, I say do it. And even better if you can get a photographer like Louise to capture it all perfectly.Read More

Wine Farm Engagement Shoot

Almost thirteen years I’ve been living overseas now (how the hell did that happen?). People at home often ask if I get homesick, and the truth is, mostly I don’t. Not that I don’t love my home country or miss my family, but I think mostly if you just don’t indulge it, it goes away. Although someone should have told that to me three months ago when I was on a solo road trip through Limpopo and Enya’s Exile came on the car stereo (ugly cry deluxe), or about five minutes after I finished watching Invictus. Seeing today’s engagement shoot was another one of those moments. Not only are Kara and Lance a truly lovely couple, but they recreated their engagement on Lance’s family farm, Anura (where our Real Life Bride, Cheryl, was also married). It brought rushing back to me the absolutely breathtaking, awe-demanding beauty of the Cape winelands, and what it was like to wake up there every day for my four years at university. It sort of made me hurt a little, right in my heart, the way you do when you see your first love again. But in a good way, I think. It’s a tribute to Vibe Photography that the pics are not only a glowing keepsake of Kara and Lance’s pre-wedding happiness, but a celebration of the countryside they love so well. Perfection. Enjoy. Now, ahem, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to play some Toto. (Oh, and speaking of Toto, how CUTE is their dog?)Read More

Vintage Aviation Engagement Shoot

Goodness me, but I love this shoot! A few weeks back, the lovely Alana Meyer contacted me to share Nikki and Wesley’s eshoot, and I absolutely fell in love with the cheeky 1940s vibe, the couple’s cool black and white styling, and the backdrop of old planes and vehicles. Not to mention how gorgeous the couple are (don’t you think Nikki looks a bit like Lindsay Lohan, but back when the LiLo was stunning and sparky and not a washed out media hag, obvs?). Alana’s done a brilliant job of capturing the fun these two obviously have together, and it all adds up to some really memorable couple pics.Read More

Beach Love Engagement Shoot

I’ve joked in the past about how South Africans are secretly taking over the world (sshh, it’s a stealth mission) but sometimes I really think we are taking over the wedding industry. Everywhere I look on the international scene I come across talented people with a connection to SA, and I have to admit, I love it. It makes me feel homegrown and cosmopolitan at the same time. Like I want to run down the streets of Manhattan pushing a crate of Castle (and if you don’t get that reference, don’t tell me, because you’ll make me feel old). Anyway, Claire Morgan is one of those people. Most of the year, she lives in Austria, where she shoots extraordinarily beautiful weddings, well, beautifully. For about six weeks she graces Cape Town’s photography scene, and this year, she used part of that time to shoot this absolutely beautiful beach engagement shoot of her cousin Elizabeth and her fiance Neil.Read More