Retro Pinup Bridal Boudoir by Angie Capri

It’s been a while since I featured a boudoir session here on SBB, but I couldn’t squeezing one into the schedule when I saw the fun 1940s pinup style that photographer Angie Capri and her bride-to-be, Rachel, put together for this shoot! For me, it’s the perfect example of how a boudoir session doesn’t have to be nudey to be sexy (in fact, Rachel was pretty much covered up throughout), and best of all, how much fun and confidence boosting it can be! Rachel looks like she’s having an absolute ball in these pics, and looking amazing while she does it. Be sure to read her account of the day too, because it really reflects what the boudoir experience should be all about. So what are you waiting for, ladies?Read More

Vintage Style Boudoir

Hello friends! To continue our Valentine’s Day content, I have such a cute little boudoir session to share with you. While you’ll be seeing lots of red and white and heart-themed couple shoots and weddings all over the blogosphere today, I thought that it might be fun to share something that might inspire you to give as a Valentine’s gift – either to your fiance or, better yet, to yourself. Most of us ladies feel so self-conscious in pics (I know I do!) and feel we’re never thin enough or toned enough or tanned enough or whatever enough to indulge in a photo session that’s all about us. And what’s more, that celebrates our sensuality. That’s where I think booking one of these sessions is a real gift to yourself, and all the ladies I know who have done it have told me how it gave them such a confidence boost to go for it. A good boudoir should be about celebrating YOU, with all your ‘flaws’ (after all, it’s our imperfections that make us beautiful). And while some choose to go revealing in a boudoir, I really love sessions that only hint at what’s underneath and keep things classy rather than FHM. That’s why I loved this session from Expressions Photography, which plays on a range of vintage looks from the ’40s and ’70s to make model-for-the-day Danni look (and no doubt feel) absolutely gorgeous! I have to mention Lisa Hair and Make-up, who did such an awesome job on hair and makeup – I especially love Danni’s pinup girl look! Head over to Expressions’ blog if you’d like to see more of the shoot (or book your own).Read More

Vintage Aviation Engagement Shoot

Goodness me, but I love this shoot! A few weeks back, the lovely Alana Meyer contacted me to share Nikki and Wesley’s eshoot, and I absolutely fell in love with the cheeky 1940s vibe, the couple’s cool black and white styling, and the backdrop of old planes and vehicles. Not to mention how gorgeous the couple are (don’t you think Nikki looks a bit like Lindsay Lohan, but back when the LiLo was stunning and sparky and not a washed out media hag, obvs?). Alana’s done a brilliant job of capturing the fun these two obviously have together, and it all adds up to some really memorable couple pics.Read More

Real Wedding at Molenvliet {Jackie & Japie}

Ok, something you don’t know about me – I am a HUGE big band fan. Which may not seem that strange, but when I was in high school, it made me a little unusual. I was, for example, the only kid I knew who begged my father to bring Harry Connick Jnr CDs back from a business trip in America instead of, I don’t know, MC Hammer or Boyz II Men (don’t get me started about my love for Harry). The only person I know who puts Ella, Dean and Frankie on my iPod when I’m feeling the mean reds and can sing along to pretty much any Gershwin lyric. So you can imagine that when I saw Jackie and Japie had pulled off a 1940s Glamour-themed wedding at Molenvliet, I was super excited to feature it! As we all know, love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage, and the two of them wanted to celebrate theirs in style – getting a kick out of champagne with their besties, facing the music and dancing all night and promising to love each other come rain or come shine. (Ya, I know. I couldn’t stop myself. Throw your tomato if you must.) They had a shindig old Frank himself would have been proud to have thrown, co-ordinated by Jaco van Loggerenberg of Just Jack and photographed by the fab Andre from Zara Zoo. And now I get to share it with you. Ain’t THAT a kick in the head?Read More