Vintage Style Boudoir

Hello friends! To continue our Valentine’s Day content, I have such a cute little boudoir session to share with you. While you’ll be seeing lots of red and white and heart-themed couple shoots and weddings all over the blogosphere today, I thought that it might be fun to share something that might inspire you to give as a Valentine’s gift – either to your fiance or, better yet, to yourself. Most of us ladies feel so self-conscious in pics (I know I do!) and feel we’re never thin enough or toned enough or tanned enough or whatever enough to indulge in a photo session that’s all about us. And what’s more, that celebrates our sensuality. That’s where I think booking one of these sessions is a real gift to yourself, and all the ladies I know who have done it have told me how it gave them such a confidence boost to go for it. A good boudoir should be about celebrating YOU, with all your ‘flaws’ (after all, it’s our imperfections that make us beautiful). And while some choose to go revealing in a boudoir, I really love sessions that only hint at what’s underneath and keep things classy rather than FHM. That’s why I loved this session from Expressions Photography, which plays on a range of vintage looks from the ’40s and ’70s to make model-for-the-day Danni look (and no doubt feel) absolutely gorgeous! I have to mention Lisa Hair and Make-up, who did such an awesome job on hair and makeup – I especially love Danni’s pinup girl look! Head over to Expressions’ blog if you’d like to see more of the shoot (or book your own).


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