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Happy Friday lovelies! We have a full day of inspiration here on SBB, starting with the most BEAUTIFUL boudoir imaginable from the talented Kate Pleasants. If you’ve been wondering if bridal boudoir is for you, and whether it’ll make you feel sexy or silly, then this is a great example of how subtle (and classy, and gorgeous) it can be when done right. It’s about what isn’t revealed, not what is, and photos like Kate’s are little works of art (a gift for your groom, but a gift for yourself too). As well as sharing them today and making the blog all pretty (yay!), Kate’s answered a few frequently asked questions to help introduce you to the boudoir photography concept.

What is Bridal Boudoir?
Bridal boudoir is a portrait session that is demure and alluring, and serves as a wedding gift to your partner. It is a time for honouring the beauty and romance of a woman’s body through the elegance of the pose. These sessions should always be sophisticated, tasteful and never too revealing. In an intimate session, a glimpse of a body is far more provocative than revealing content.

Why should I do Bridal Boudoir?
Not only are your images a beautiful gift for your partner, but it is also a time to see yourself in the most captivating light; especially since prior to your wedding, so much time goes into looking your best. A boudoir session can be an amazing confidence boost for any woman at any point of her life.

How do I choose a photographer?
A natural light photographer will give you soft and flattering images that will flatter your body best. Comfort is key and comes from a genuine feeling of trust in your photographer, that will have you looking your most natural and relaxed. It is important to work with someone that understands the balance between subtlety and intimacy.

What if I’m self conscious of my body?
All women have doubts about the perfection of their bodies and it’s important not to linger on imperfections, and rather to focus on what is magnificent about you. Insecurities should never hold you back, just remember how much your partner adores seeing you walk out the shower.

What should I bring along with me?
Lace, silk and chiffon! A gorgeous underwear set mixed with a lacy robe makes for seductive and sophisticated photos. A few outfit changes are great, just remember to keep it in the same colour palette. Bring along your ring, love letters and anything intimate to your relationship. Adding elements of your life into your photos will make them feel honest and personal. (Get ideas for what to wear in our feature HERE)

Is it only for brides?
Not at all! Boudoir can be an anniversary gift, or simply a reminder of how gorgeous you really are. Tenderness and love is the centre of all boudoir and whether it’s love for your partner or love for yourself, love should always be celebrated!

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