Lazy Sunday Boudoir

It’s been a while since I featured a boudoir shoot here on SBB, but when Kerry of Piteira Photography sent these gorgeous pictures over, I couldn’t wait to put them up! For me, boudoir isn’t like doing an FHM shoot or trying to be overtly sexy in a Vegas kind of way – it’s a subtle photographic exploration of an individual woman’s sensuality that makes her feel good about herself and her body, and shows something of her personality. That’s why I like the term boudoir, because it’s like a peek behind closed doors into a private world. That’s exactly what this shoot feels like – a chilled out Sunday morning spent reading in the sunshine, being just a bit too lazy to get dressed. I absolutely love Kerry’s dreamy photographic style. It makes me think I am going to have to be brave enough to do one of these myself sometime! And don’t forget, Kerry and her husband Luis are available to shoot weddings and boudoir in South Africa at certain times of the year – drop them an email to chat about dates.


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