Glamorous Olive Grove Engagement by Louise Vorster

It’s been our month of glamour on SBB, but one of my favourite things is finding a way to inject a bit of glamour into an unexpected place: chandeliers hanging from a tree, ballroom style in an urban loft space… or a shimmering full length gold dress in an olive grove. That’s why I immediately fell in love with this beautiful shoot by Louise Vorster – the contrast between bride-to-be Adél’s glam gown and the rustic setting for her engagement shoot with her love, Jan, is so eye catching and gorgeous. And there’s something very intimate about it too – like the two lovebirds have sneaked off to have a fancy date in an secret location, and are having the time of their lives doing just that. It’s moments like this that give us a glimpse of the fun of being engaged, a welcome break in a sea of wedding planning, and a special memory captured forever.Read More

Inspiration Board: Navy & Rose Gold

Hello friends – how was your weekend? Hope it was full of fun and glamour and champagne – after all, that’s the vibe we’re going for in today’s little inspiration board! We’re taking a mix of grown-up navy, romantic blush, and glamorous rose gold – there really is no end to the fun you can have playing with metallics in your palette, and this is the perfect twist on blush and navy, which has been getting more popular in the last few years. Just add a vintage getaway car, a sophisticated dress, and some sparkly bridesmaids, and you have a fresh, glam look. Another option would be to add in a bit of dove grey, which goes great with all of these shades.

Colours: Navy, blush, rose gold, white

Top row (l-r): Bouquet {Rustic White Photography/Mandy of Waiting on Martha, Inc./Lindsay Coletta}; table setting {Kayla Barker Fine Art Photography/The Southern Table}; cake {McCune Photography/Grand Engagements/Sweet and Saucy Shop}; gold dress {Emilia Jane}
Row 2: Place cards; gold bridesmaid dresses {Amanda Crean Photographers/Lauren Kelleher}; rose gold votives; champagne coupes
Row 3: Bride & groom {Trent Bailey Photography}; vintage car {Mademoiselle Fiona}; invitation suite {Jupiter and Juno}


Inspiration Board: Once Upon a Time

Good morning, lovelies! Before we get to today’s inspiration board (which I have been saving rather impatiently for you), I have good news and bad news. Let’s start with the good. Last week, I was absolutely thrilled and honoured to be included in a list on the Fair Lady blog of FL’s favourite tweeters! Not only is it always super satisfying to know that people like what I do here, but you guys, I grew UP reading Fair Lady. When I was a little girl, I would read my mother’s old stack cover to cover and my secret teenage fantasy was to work there one day. So this was extra special supery dupery exciting. It rocked. Merci, FL. (And if YOU don’t follow me on Twitter yet, do!)

Now the bad news. Sigh. I regret (and I really do mean regret – remember I’m an editor by trade, so missing a deadline totally cuts me up, especially when it’s one I set myself) to tell you that the new Cap Classique website will not be launching at the beginning of December. Unfortunately, some technical issues that I have no control over have got right in the way, and while the delay is only about 10 days, with Christmas coming, it only makes sense to put it off until January. Which kind of blows, but when I thought about it, I decided it was kind of cool. New year, new site, new everything. I really am disappointed, and sorry to keep you all waiting. I hope you won’t mind waiting just a liiiiiittle bit longer. Although, now that I’ve had to rejig my whole schedule for December, I do have something quite cool up my sleeve, which you’ll hopefully like. So there you go. Please don’t hate me!

And now, before I get all depro about this again, I am going to cheer us all up with some sparkle. YAY! As you know, gorgeous colours mixed in with metallics have been huge news this year, and I think we’ll see lots more of that this season. Here’s my little take on a sort of royal wedding/princessy theme, which includes my current colour obsession (navy) combined with the prettiest powder blue, champagne and then some sparkly metallics. I can’t get enough of it! It’s almost enough to make a grown woman believe in fairytales… ;)

Colours: Navy, powder blue, champagne & gold

Top row (l-r): Princess bride; navy and gold manicure; table setting (Jill La Fleur/Jose Villa); navy bridesmaid’s dress (Kristin Vining); wedding cake with crown (Jose Villa)
Row 2: ‘Believe’ gold letters; blue and gold sequin garments; metal crown; mini Moets
Row 3:‘Once upon a time’ invitations; place setting with pumpkins (Martha Stewart); bride & groom (The Brand Studio); ‘Happily ever after starts here’ sign (Studio Eleven)

Real Wedding at Molenvliet {Jackie & Japie}

Ok, something you don’t know about me – I am a HUGE big band fan. Which may not seem that strange, but when I was in high school, it made me a little unusual. I was, for example, the only kid I knew who begged my father to bring Harry Connick Jnr CDs back from a business trip in America instead of, I don’t know, MC Hammer or Boyz II Men (don’t get me started about my love for Harry). The only person I know who puts Ella, Dean and Frankie on my iPod when I’m feeling the mean reds and can sing along to pretty much any Gershwin lyric. So you can imagine that when I saw Jackie and Japie had pulled off a 1940s Glamour-themed wedding at Molenvliet, I was super excited to feature it! As we all know, love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage, and the two of them wanted to celebrate theirs in style – getting a kick out of champagne with their besties, facing the music and dancing all night and promising to love each other come rain or come shine. (Ya, I know. I couldn’t stop myself. Throw your tomato if you must.) They had a shindig old Frank himself would have been proud to have thrown, co-ordinated by Jaco van Loggerenberg of Just Jack and photographed by the fab Andre from Zara Zoo. And now I get to share it with you. Ain’t THAT a kick in the head?Read More