Elegant Day Wedding at Molenvliet by ZaraZoo Photography

Stylish Molenvliet Wedding

Real weddings. They’re our bread and butter here on SouthBound Bride, and this year we have plans to share more than ever before. So it’s always a happy moment when I get to kick off a new year of real weddings, and I can’t think of a lovelier one to start with than Kiki & Duma’s. Like all our favourite weddings, it combines beautiful decor and a fantastic South African setting with heartfelt emotion that jumps off the page and gives you that giddy kind of smile that only true love can. Kiki and Duma chose the wonderful Molenvliet for their day wedding, and used a palette of mint and peach brightened up with gold and pops of tangerine to make it extra lovely. My favourite thing about this one – beautifully captured by ZaraZoo – is the exuberant joy shared by the couple with their guests (that moment where Duma’s groomsmen do a victory dance after the wedding? One of my all-time faves). We don’t have full info from the bride and groom to share with you today, but everything you need to know is written all over their glowing faces.

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Luxe Three-Day Wedding at Nooitgedacht by ZaraZoo {Ayah & Louay}

All weddings are awesome, because after all, the heart of them is the love between two people, and that on its own (without any details or decor or fuss) is awesome. But some weddings are particularly WOW in the decor and details and overall experience department, and Ayah & Louay’s celebration is definitely one of those. After all, the couple (who were married in Dubai but came to the Cape to celebrate with their friends and family) hosted not just one or two, but three parties in their favourite city including a welcome party at the Grand Beach & Cafe (complete with a DJ they brought with them from Beirut), and a picnic at Landtscap with delicious burger stations by SBB Directory members Two Chefs and music by Jeremy Loops. Topping it all off was an absolutely gorgeous reception at Nooitgedacht, with hundreds of candles and opulent florals in rich neutrals, fit for a king and a queen (or at least a fashion designer bride and interior designer groom!) Right down to the huge hashtag sign and the patterned dancefloor there was an incredible attention to detail, not to mention atmosphere, with traditional dancers helping the pair make their grand entrance. Throughout it all, the ZaraZoo Photography team was on the scene to capture the excitement!Read More

Real Wedding at Firlane House {Sone & Andre}

As a wedding blogger, it’s an understatement to say that I see a LOT of weddings. And sometimes, they start to sort of blend into one another like one long, pretty dream sequence. But some weddings just kind of stick out in the memory, and today’s in one of those. I first spotted it on the ZaraZoo blog a while back, and I just had to ask photographer Stefan Steenkamp if I could feature it. Lucky for me, lucky for you, he said yes. So why do I love it so much? First of all, I have a total venue crush on Firlane House, where it was held (the bride’s brother owns it – win!). Secondly, a HAMBURGER station? What’s not to love? And finally, I’m a big fan of the laid back French feeling, and the use of ultra modern grey – even the bride is in a gorgeous silver gown (how much are we hearting silver gowns right now?). I fall to the floor ADORE their bunting – is it not one of the most creative and gorgeous ways of using photographs you have ever seen? Go on, you know it is. And it’s no wonder the bride got it so right – she is, after all, the owner of gift shop Rhubarb Room in Cape Town. Some people have all the taste!Read More

Real Wedding at Molenvliet {Jackie & Japie}

Ok, something you don’t know about me – I am a HUGE big band fan. Which may not seem that strange, but when I was in high school, it made me a little unusual. I was, for example, the only kid I knew who begged my father to bring Harry Connick Jnr CDs back from a business trip in America instead of, I don’t know, MC Hammer or Boyz II Men (don’t get me started about my love for Harry). The only person I know who puts Ella, Dean and Frankie on my iPod when I’m feeling the mean reds and can sing along to pretty much any Gershwin lyric. So you can imagine that when I saw Jackie and Japie had pulled off a 1940s Glamour-themed wedding at Molenvliet, I was super excited to feature it! As we all know, love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage, and the two of them wanted to celebrate theirs in style – getting a kick out of champagne with their besties, facing the music and dancing all night and promising to love each other come rain or come shine. (Ya, I know. I couldn’t stop myself. Throw your tomato if you must.) They had a shindig old Frank himself would have been proud to have thrown, co-ordinated by Jaco van Loggerenberg of Just Jack and photographed by the fab Andre from Zara Zoo. And now I get to share it with you. Ain’t THAT a kick in the head?Read More

Real Wedding at Tintswalo Atlantic {Mehtap & Paul}

Guess where I’d like to be right now? Yep, right there on that terrace, sitting at that table, looking out at that incredible view. It’s no secret I think the Cape is just about heaven on earth, but some days even I’m blown away. And I can’t think of a more wonderful and romantic place to begin your life together. The spot in question is the verandah of the luxurious Tintswalo Atlantic, which looks out over Hout Bay and where in season you can spot whales and dolphins frolicking in the waves. It’s one of the Cape’s best kept secrets, and I am desperate to stay there now! It would also make an amazing place for a honeymoon. The other thing I love about Mehtap and Paul’s wedding, which was flawlessly coordinated by the Aleit team and photographed by the ever-awesome Zarazoo, is that it was so small – just them and three lucky guests. A lot of couples who get married in the Cape are looking for something intimate, and this shows just how to do it. A wonderful location, amazing style (how much am I loving the combination of those coral roses with the rustic Atlantic blues?), and great cuisine – with a view to die for. This is destination weddings at their very best.Read More

Real Wedding at Morgenhof {Alicia & Winston}

We’re back to real weddings this week, and today’s is a blinder – although of course we wouldn’t expect anything less from the Wedding Concepts team! They had an unusual challenge this time – to turn the historic cellar venue of Morgenhof into a contemporary, formal space using lush, modern colours. They also had to mix two cultures (Alicia from the US and Winston from Liberia) and create a space where all the couple’s guests could feel at home. I think they more than pulled it off, as evidenced by the huge smiles on Winston and Alicia’s faces! I’m also absolutely thrilled that I finally get to feature the work of photography team Zarazoo, who I’ve been a fan of for aaaaages. Their style always makes me homesick, since they capture the big sky we are lucky enough to have in Africa (as well as the fun and personalities of the people they shoot). In fact, so much about this particular wedding reminds me why I love my home continent – it just seems to radiate with the glow of the warm earth, the light of the sun and the love of family and friends. I hope you love it as much as I do.

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