Real Wedding at Firlane House {Leanie & Pieter}

Hello lovelies! How’s your week going so far? I must admit, I am finding work hard at the moment with the short days on this side of the equator, and so much to do before Christmas! But it’s lovely to be in the festive season (even if I will be another year older at the end of it, gah). Anyway, if you have the December stresses (or even if you’re riding high on a wave of festive cheer), here’s something pretty to make your afternoon just before you rush off from work to finish off that Christmas shopping. Pieter and Leanie were married at what is fast becoming a favourite venue for me, the classy and intimate Firlane House. They used Leanie’s favourite flower, the arum lily, as a motif, and incorporated lots of pretty but subtle touches. It’s class all the way, and Bernard Bravenboer has captured these gorgeous pics to share with you. I especially like how Bernard manages to capture the spirit of the later evening – I always think this is a real challenge for a photographer, but the pictures from the dance floor and cake cutting are some of my favourites. Ah, just give me some twinkly lights, a chocolate cake and a pumping dancefloor, and I’m a happy woman. ;)Read More

Real Wedding at Firlane House {Sone & Andre}

As a wedding blogger, it’s an understatement to say that I see a LOT of weddings. And sometimes, they start to sort of blend into one another like one long, pretty dream sequence. But some weddings just kind of stick out in the memory, and today’s in one of those. I first spotted it on the ZaraZoo┬áblog a while back, and I just had to ask photographer Stefan Steenkamp if I could feature it. Lucky for me, lucky for you, he said yes. So why do I love it so much? First of all, I have a total venue crush on Firlane House, where it was held (the bride’s brother owns it – win!). Secondly, a HAMBURGER station? What’s not to love? And finally, I’m a big fan of the laid back French feeling, and the use of ultra modern grey – even the bride is in a gorgeous silver gown (how much are we hearting silver gowns right now?). I fall to the floor ADORE their bunting – is it not one of the most creative and gorgeous ways of using photographs you have ever seen? Go on, you know it is. And it’s no wonder the bride got it so right – she is, after all, the owner of gift shop Rhubarb Room in Cape Town. Some people have all the taste!Read More