Sweet as Sugar Morgenhof Wedding by Leani Holmes {Storm & Daryn}

I’ve seen a lot of pretty dessert tables over the years but today’s – if you’ll pardon the pun – takes the cake! I just loved Storm & Daryn’s ‘share a cake’ concept (not to mention how delish said cakes actually look), but it’s also just one detail that I think encapsulates the simple sweetness of this pastel pink wedding that was cute as cupcakes and a true labour of DIY love. Every aspect, from a beautiful heirloom dress to lace-decked vases collected by the couple’s circle to for months ahead of time speaks of family and friendship and the true sweetness of love. The wonderful Leani Holmes, who is a member of the SBB family, was on hand to take every dreamy picture.Read More

Real Wedding at Morgenhof {Alicia & Winston}

We’re back to real weddings this week, and today’s is a blinder – although of course we wouldn’t expect anything less from the Wedding Concepts team! They had an unusual challenge this time – to turn the historic cellar venue of Morgenhof into a contemporary, formal space using lush, modern colours. They also had to mix two cultures (Alicia from the US and Winston from Liberia) and create a space where all the couple’s guests could feel at home. I think they more than pulled it off, as evidenced by the huge smiles on Winston and Alicia’s faces! I’m also absolutely thrilled that I finally get to feature the work of photography team Zarazoo, who I’ve been a fan of for aaaaages. Their style always makes me homesick, since they capture the big sky we are lucky enough to have in Africa (as well as the fun and personalities of the people they shoot). In fact, so much about this particular wedding reminds me why I love my home continent – it just seems to radiate with the glow of the warm earth, the light of the sun and the love of family and friends. I hope you love it as much as I do.

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