Rustic Farm Wedding with Pops of Blue by Linda Fourie

They say it takes a village, and although the expression is supposed to be about raising a child, it could just as easily apply to the way that family and friends pitched in to make Minette and Louis’ vision of their beautiful big day come to life. From the flowers arranged by a talented aunt, to the wooden doors that were a beautiful focal point at their outdoor ceremony (built by Minette’s dad), to the army of crochet-ers who helped create the doily runners on their rustic vintage tables, it was all a labour of love and togetherness that’ll have farm wedding lovers jumping for joy. My personal favourite detail is the blue glassware – a simple but super clever touch, because of the gorgeous pops of blue the glasses bring to the reception. And speaking of pops of blue, Minette’s MOH crop and skirt combo is amazing (second only to her own, dreamy lace gown!). But best of all is the relaxed, happy vibe that the couple projects, which was as much part of their day as the decor itself – no wonder their ‘village’ were happy to pitch in to make their wedding dreams come true. Linda Fourie captured these beautiful images.

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Coloured Glassware

Image source: We Love Pictures/Wedding Concepts via Style Me Pretty

Hello lovelies! Sorry today’s post is a bit late – I had the most random technical failure in the history of SBB, no kidding. My laptop charger died, which very quickly meant a dead laptop. Gah. Thank goodness for the SBB technical department (aka my incredibly helpful housemate Olly) who had a spare. ANYWAY, it’s Wednesday Trendsday (how is it the first time I’ve called it that?) and we’re taking a little break from our bridesmaid dress series to look at one of my very favourite decor trends. Coloured glass, you guys. It’s such a simple thing, but it seriously makes a table, which is no wonder that every stylist I know uses this whenever they can (in fact, I think I myself have done it somehow on all of my shoots!). I first fell in love with it at this wedding, and since then I have always noticed the subtle but very cohesive look it gives a table, and the way that it brings a colour palette to life in such an elegant way, not to mention the visual interest it adds. Now, I know what you’re thinking – fine for a shoot, too expensive for a 100 people right? Well, actually, no. For one thing, you can hire coloured glasses, sometimes for not much more than those you’d be hiring anyway. (Of course, if you’re having an intimate wedding, I’d go ahead and buy a set of glasses, which will always be a treasured addition to your diningware.) Or try buying a particular colour of glass at charity shops and car boot sales – you wouldn’t believe what treasure’s you’ll unearth, and if you have a vintage or boho vibe, then they don’t need to match. Another way to recreate the look is to use the glasses as vases instead of drinking glasses – that way you need fewer per table, and you could even buy cheap clear glasses at second hand shops and colour them with glass paint or dip them in gold paint (colour at the base of the glass only works just as well). Today’s pics focus on coloured wine glasses, but you can find many, many inspirational pics on Pinterest for coloured glassware in general.Read More