Dairy Farm Engagement Shoot

We’re carrying on with our farm theme today with a gorgeous e-shoot from SBB friend and sponsor Dreampix. Helen (one of our lovely readers!) and hubby-to-be Johan decided to do their engagement shoot in the Cape on a dairy farm, and the cows (and even an owl!) looked on happily as the couple shared this special moment. What can I say: so moooooo(i)!Read More

Real Farm Wedding {Helen & Julian}

So. Imagine the story of a girl who dreams of wide open spaces and a boy who shares that dream. They meet, they fall in love, and they begin to live their dream together. On a farm, full of big-eyed cows and golden fields. There’s a ring and a proposal, and they plan a wedding. But more than anything else, they want the wedding to be a celebration of the dream that they share – of this life that they love. So they have it on a farm, and they invite not just their favourite people but their favourite animals to come along as well. They have their photos taken with cows (cows called Penelope & Xerox!), give their guests carafes as gifts, and place local flowers in dairy urns around the venue. They keep it simple, and rustic – dairy chic, if you will. And to top it all off, they serve milk instead of champagne for the toasts. Would you not fall head over hooves for such a story, and such a wedding, and for the sweet couple who planned it? Because I know I did, pretty much the minute that photographer Claire King (Photography by Claire Nicola) sent over her dreamy pics for me to look at. And now I get to share it with you, yay!Read More