Real Wedding at Galgeberg, McGregor {Ilanie & Johan}

I never cease to be amazed by how beautiful my home country is. Despite having seen some truly awe-inspiring places on my travels, nowhere quite makes my heart soar the way that South Africa does. The big sky, the variety of flora and fauna, the African-ness of it. When photographer Jacques Lloyd of Real Simple Photography kindly sent over Ilanie and Johan’s wedding at Galgeberg Resort in McGregor, it reminded me of that. The scenic backdrop of the ceremony is just… beyond. It reminds me of a line from one of our national anthems, which roughly translates as: “over our eternal mountain ranges/where the cliffs give answer”. It is without doubt a very special place for two people to promise to spend their lives together, and what makes this wedding even more special is that it was the first one that Galgeberg has hosted. I’m super excited to be able to share it with you today.

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