Green & Gold Langkloof Roses Wedding by Real Simple Photography {Tamarin & Nicholas}

Things my half-Italian self is not talking about today: soccer, the World Cup, or Luis Suarez. So instead, let’s talk about this little gem of a wedding from Real Simple Photography, in South Africa’s gorgeous national colours of green and gold (with a touch of silver). Tamarin and Nicholas (who planned their wedding from the UK) chose the divine Langkloof Roses as their venue, the most romantic of Cape country locations, and filled their tables with gold painted jars, elegant brass candlesticks, linen runners, puffs of white flowers and lasercut elephant table numbers. Adorable! With strings of hanging café lights and a dancefloor under the stars, they danced the night away with their friends from near and far.Read More

Real Wedding at Welbeloond {Simone & Rudi}

What on earth did we do before Facebook? Because, no kidding, I have heard about a LOT of lovebirds who have connected on there, one way or another. Today’s couple is one of them. And say what you will about modern technology, but I love the fact that, in a time before social media, their romance might have stopped when they were teenagers but today, even a couple of oceans aren’t insurmountable. Then again, if you believe as they do, that their romance was meant to be, perhaps even in another age they might have found each other. Kind of a lovely thought. Anyway, meet they did, and it all culminated in an awesome, down-home, farm-style rustic party at Welbeloond, that was centred around the love of their family and friends, and captured in all its sweetness by Jacques Lloyd of Real Simple Photography.Read More

Real Wedding at Schoone Oordt {Harriett & Craig}

Needless to say, I love every wedding I feature here on SBB. You brides are so full of creativity and general awesomeness. But there are some where as I go through the pics I am just blown away by the level of detail, and today’s lovely intimate high tea wedding at Schoone Oordt is one of those. I mean, even the ice cubes are pretty. I love all the paper decorations, love the cupcake menu placecards, love the picnic blanket ‘guest book’, love the vintagey paper pinwheels, love the gift bags, love the individual cakes, love love love. I could go on, but I’d just be wasting time that you could be feasting your eye holes on the English country tea party goodness, photographed so beautifully by our friends at Real Simple Photography (who, PS, will be in London for a visit in August – drop Jacques an email if you’d like to book a consultation).Read More

Real Wedding at Galgeberg, McGregor {Ilanie & Johan}

I never cease to be amazed by how beautiful my home country is. Despite having seen some truly awe-inspiring places on my travels, nowhere quite makes my heart soar the way that South Africa does. The big sky, the variety of flora and fauna, the African-ness of it. When photographer Jacques Lloyd of Real Simple Photography kindly sent over Ilanie and Johan’s wedding at Galgeberg Resort in McGregor, it reminded me of that. The scenic backdrop of the ceremony is just… beyond. It reminds me of a line from one of our national anthems, which roughly translates as: “over our eternal mountain ranges/where the cliffs give answer”. It is without doubt a very special place for two people to promise to spend their lives together, and what makes this wedding even more special is that it was the first one that Galgeberg has hosted. I’m super excited to be able to share it with you today.

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