Real Wedding at Welbeloond {Simone & Rudi}

What on earth did we do before Facebook? Because, no kidding, I have heard about a LOT of lovebirds who have connected on there, one way or another. Today’s couple is one of them. And say what you will about modern technology, but I love the fact that, in a time before social media, their romance might have stopped when they were teenagers but today, even a couple of oceans aren’t insurmountable. Then again, if you believe as they do, that their romance was meant to be, perhaps even in another age they might have found each other. Kind of a lovely thought. Anyway, meet they did, and it all culminated in an awesome, down-home, farm-style rustic party at Welbeloond, that was centred around the love of their family and friends, and captured in all its sweetness by Jacques Lloyd of Real Simple Photography.Read More

Real Wedding at Schaftplaas {Liana & Toy}

A while back I remember coming across a wedding online where, during the reception, one of the groomsmen proposed to one of the bridesmaids. Cute, right? But I remember thinking how if you were going to do that, you would have to be part of a group of friends who would be so excited for you that they wouldn’t feel you were upstaging the bride and groom, simply making the whole night even more special for everyone. It wasn’t until I was putting this post together that I realised Liana and Toy were that couple! And now I can see exactly why the proposal was perfect for them – they are clearly warm and down to earth folks, and like nothing better than chilling out with the people they love. And the great thing is, that’s EXACTLY what their wedding was all about. Forget trends and trappings, this is one wedding that was totally original, because it was designed completely around who the bride and groom really are. From their outfits to the ultimate rustic venue (Schaftplaas), to the proudly South African touches like tin cups and malva pudding for dessert. From the horse cart and hay ride arrivals, to the barbed wire table decorations, to the barn dance festivities and the dogs hanging out like they were just another guest. It all looks like so much FUN! And if you weren’t already convinced that personalised weddings are the Way To Go, then welcome to your conversion. Liana and Toy – you guys rock. Thank you so much for sharing your day with us! And another great big thank you to photographer Annemari Ruthven, who is as talented as she is lovely and took these gorgeous pictures. I’m so excited to have her on the blog again!

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