Coral and Aqua Styled Shoot

My goodness am I excited to share this little beauty with you! I spied with my little eye, something beginning with coral and aqua on the Wedding Concepts blog last year when this shoot, which was styled and co-ordinated by the WC team, was featured in Wedding Inspirations magazine. That single pincushion protea place setting really stuck in my mind, and I was so thrilled to get hold of a copy of the magazine and devour every gorgeous pic by one of my photography faves, Annemari Ruthven. So you can imagine I was even happier when the lovely Hannes of Wedding Concepts asked if I’d like to feature it right here on SBB. Um, yes please, Hannes! The thing with styled shoots (and it’s a reason some blogs don’t always feature them) is that it’s unlikely you can replicate the whole thing on the grand scale of a wedding, unless you’re getting set to be a Real Housewife of Constantia maybe. The art of it all is to be inspired, by the mood of the shoot perhaps, by the colours (although don’t forget you can translate a look you like to a whole new palette), or by a single detail or set of details. And that’s what’s so great about this one, because it is just teeming with original and inspiring ideas. First, the colour scheme – we’ve seen it before, and both coral and aqua are huge colours right now. But this shoot shows you how to be bold AND classy in the way that colour is used. Natural textures like the pincushions and coral itself, set against the clean lines of milk glass and graphic stationery are the way to  go. The table base is neutral, but through ribbons, flowers and lovely homeware items, the palette comes through. And that’s not where it ends. I love unexpected touches: the bride’s boho styling, the macaroon lollipops, the Bloody Mary bar, or DIY details like the ribbon garland or the paint dipped glass vases. It’s awesome, and I hope you enjoy poring over it just as much as I have!Read More

Real Wedding in Hermanus {Lizeth & Danie}

You probably won’t even be aware of this, but there’s been a lot of debate recently in the wedding blogging community. We are, according to some commentators, way too obsessed with details, only blogging about weddings that cost thousands of dollars and are overrun with mason jars, and forgetting what weddings are really about. I’m not even engaging with that here, but if ever there were an example of a wedding that holds love at its very core, where the details and décor are crafted with care, where the day is full of happiness and laughter and the simple things in life, then this is it. Lizeth and Danie went back to basics, and planned a day full of the people and things that made them happy. A tent on a Hermanus beach. A beautiful handmade wedding dress. Bunting. Picnic baskets full of homemade food. And you know what? It’s still ridiculously pretty. So kick off your shoes, and enjoy the gorgeous pictures from Annemari Ruthven that so brilliantly capture the light and joy of this special day.Read More

Real Wedding at Vrede en Lust {Sohini & Kieran}

There’s a quote I’ve always liked, from one of South Africa’s fathers, Desmond Tutu. “We are made” he says, “for complimentarity. I have gifts you do not; and you have gifts that I do not. So we need each other to become fully human.” I think that’s something that could be true of all good relationships, but it’s never more obvious than when you see a wedding that blends two very different cultures, whether that’s a bride and groom from two different countries, faiths, whatever. It reminds us of the beauty that is all marriages – two complete individuals forging their lives together to create something new. And so it is with today’s bride and groom. South African Sohini not only chose to marry her Scottish groom in a colourful, joyful and superchic Indian-Caledonian fusion wedding at Vrede en Lust, but this girl can rock a sari! I adore her citrus colour choices, and the way that bright flowers were incorporated with birdcages throughout the decor. It’s just so gosh darn purdy. As always, I’m delighted to feature photographer Annemari Ruthven, who totally captured the joy on everyone’s faces, and all the movement and magic of this family-filled celebration.Read More

Real Wedding at Webersburg {Jessica & David}

I now declare this week’s festival of gorgeous weddings… OPEN! (Just imagine me with a giant pair of scissors here.) (PS, where do you actually GET a giant pair of scissors? Because I totally want one.) I’ve been dying to show you Jess and David’s wedding for a little while now, because to me it encapsulates so many things I love about a Cape wedding. Beautiful weather, a spectacular winelands backdrop (the lovely Webersburg estate), soft pink florals, proteas, quirky personal touches. And of course a couple who are completely besotted with one another. It just radiates from them, doesn’t it? (Just wait until you see their video, which I’ll be posting as a bonus this afternoon.) Other things I love: Jess’s dress and that oversized flower in her hair that I am completely dying over, the map used as a seating/escort chart, the Rob Ryan-esque menu cards and other pretty stationery, the sparklers for the first dance… All so gosh darn puuurty. And all captured by the genius that is Annemari Ruthven! Enjoy…Read More

Real Wedding at Schaftplaas {Liana & Toy}

A while back I remember coming across a wedding online where, during the reception, one of the groomsmen proposed to one of the bridesmaids. Cute, right? But I remember thinking how if you were going to do that, you would have to be part of a group of friends who would be so excited for you that they wouldn’t feel you were upstaging the bride and groom, simply making the whole night even more special for everyone. It wasn’t until I was putting this post together that I realised Liana and Toy were that couple! And now I can see exactly why the proposal was perfect for them – they are clearly warm and down to earth folks, and like nothing better than chilling out with the people they love. And the great thing is, that’s EXACTLY what their wedding was all about. Forget trends and trappings, this is one wedding that was totally original, because it was designed completely around who the bride and groom really are. From their outfits to the ultimate rustic venue (Schaftplaas), to the proudly South African touches like tin cups and malva pudding for dessert. From the horse cart and hay ride arrivals, to the barbed wire table decorations, to the barn dance festivities and the dogs hanging out like they were just another guest. It all looks like so much FUN! And if you weren’t already convinced that personalised weddings are the Way To Go, then welcome to your conversion. Liana and Toy – you guys rock. Thank you so much for sharing your day with us! And another great big thank you to photographer Annemari Ruthven, who is as talented as she is lovely and took these gorgeous pictures. I’m so excited to have her on the blog again!

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Handmade Rooftop Picnic Wedding at Azure by Annemari Ruthven

Ok, I admit, I love all the weddings on this blog, and almost every day I fall in love with a new one. But the wedding I have to show you today is just… wow. As in, jump up and down and make little squealy noises-kinda amazing. As in, I’m still speechless at some of these details-kinda amazing. It is so beautiful, so creative, so personal and so joyful, that I have no doubt you will be truly inspired. You may remember Louise and Riaan from their bookshop-themed engagement shoot (in which case you’ll certainly remember their very talented photographer, Annemari Ruthven). Both are designers, and they took on their wedding like it was a high spec design project, from hand-staining the lanterns with tea to designing and making all the stationery and the exciting little goodies for the picnic baskets, to personalised parking vouchers (seriously!). Every little detail was considered to make the day special for their guests. And you’ll be able to see even more of those details on Thursday, when I’ll also be telling you how you can get a little bit of Louise magic for your own wedding (yay!). In the meantime, congrats to Louise and Riaan, who as well as being super talented are just two of the nicest people. Thank you both for sharing your incredible day!

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Bookshop Engagement Shoot

I’m hugely excited to share Louise and Riaan’s engagement shoot with you! One, because it’s the first on this blog, and it’s completely original, gorgeous and inspiring. And two, because I get to introduce you to a pair of very talented designers and a young photographer who I think we’ll be seeing a lot more great things from in future. But first, get ready to do some serious oohing and aahing over the proposal!

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