Traditional Hindu Wedding at the 12 Apostles Hotel by Claire Thomson

Traditional Hindu Wedding at the 12 Apostles Hotel | Image: Claire Thomson

What do you get when you combine one of Cape Town’s most elegant and iconic venues with a beautiful traditional Hindu wedding? Today’s little gem, that’s what! Leticia and Deren wanted to bring all the rich colours and luxuriant fabrics, as well as all the meaningful traditions of an Indian wedding into their big day, but have it in a location that was intimate and special. Enter the 12 Apostles Hotel, and the cliffside ceremony space lodged between mountain and ocean was the perfect place for them to exchange vows. To say I’m in love with Leticia’s ensemble would be a vast understatement – she looks absolutely stunning, and the rich traditional red, gold and white colours worn by herself and her handsome groom make such a striking contrast to the serene beach where they had their couple photos! Claire Thomson took these gorgeous pics and I’m so excited to share them with you today!

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Pink & Gold Nantes Estate Wedding by Daniela Zondagh {Suhaifa & Jacques}

There may come a day friends, when I’ll get sick of the combination sparkly gold, soft pink and mint green, when my heart won’t thrill at the sight of a pair of sparkly shoes or gold chevron detailing on a cake or proteas teamed with peonies (sigh!) and roses. But that day is definitely not today. Today we’re celebrating all of these beautiful details and more, because they come as part of the sweetest multicultural wedding, with a bride not just in a floaty white gown but in a spectacular Indian lengha with jingling bracelets and delicately hennaed hands. An aisle made gorgeous with rose petals, little mirrored Indian trinket boxes for favours, a dashing groom. Whether you’re planning your own fusion wedding or one with vintage or modern glam elements, you’re going to ell-oh-vee-ee love this!Read More

Real Wedding at Vrede en Lust {Sohini & Kieran}

There’s a quote I’ve always liked, from one of South Africa’s fathers, Desmond Tutu. “We are made” he says, “for complimentarity. I have gifts you do not; and you have gifts that I do not. So we need each other to become fully human.” I think that’s something that could be true of all good relationships, but it’s never more obvious than when you see a wedding that blends two very different cultures, whether that’s a bride and groom from two different countries, faiths, whatever. It reminds us of the beauty that is all marriages – two complete individuals forging their lives together to create something new. And so it is with today’s bride and groom. South African Sohini not only¬†chose to marry¬†her Scottish groom in a colourful, joyful and superchic Indian-Caledonian fusion wedding at Vrede en Lust, but this girl can rock a sari! I adore her citrus colour choices, and the way that bright flowers were incorporated with birdcages throughout the decor. It’s just so gosh darn purdy. As always, I’m delighted to feature photographer Annemari Ruthven, who totally captured the joy on everyone’s faces, and all the movement and magic of this family-filled celebration.Read More