DIY Forest Greenery Wedding at Matroosberg by Claire Thomson Photography

When Claire Thomson sends us something pretty, we know we’re going to love it, and this gorgeous forest wedding is no exception! Carla and Kenné’s forest fete took place in the beautiful Matroosberg Nature Reserve – the perfect choice for a pair who got engaged on a hiking trail! The decor was simple and elegant, a pairing of deep emerald green foliage with touches of gold, soft linens, and patterned glass that was perfectly complemented by the bride’s ultra chic off-shoulder gown and birdcage veil, and the groom’s dapper suit. A designer herself, the bride created all the stationery – in fact the whole day was a DIY collaboration between the bride and groom, their family, and friends. Maybe it’s this element of community, maybe it’s the gorgeous backdrop, and maybe it’s just the love and laughter between the couple that make it all so special – I’m going to guess it’s all three, with a little help from Claire’s gorgeous pics!

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Traditional Hindu Wedding at the 12 Apostles Hotel by Claire Thomson

Traditional Hindu Wedding at the 12 Apostles Hotel | Image: Claire Thomson

What do you get when you combine one of Cape Town’s most elegant and iconic venues with a beautiful traditional Hindu wedding? Today’s little gem, that’s what! Leticia and Deren wanted to bring all the rich colours and luxuriant fabrics, as well as all the meaningful traditions of an Indian wedding into their big day, but have it in a location that was intimate and special. Enter the 12 Apostles Hotel, and the cliffside ceremony space lodged between mountain and ocean was the perfect place for them to exchange vows. To say I’m in love with Leticia’s ensemble would be a vast understatement – she looks absolutely stunning, and the rich traditional red, gold and white colours worn by herself and her handsome groom make such a striking contrast to the serene beach where they had their couple photos! Claire Thomson took these gorgeous pics and I’m so excited to share them with you today!

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Spring Garden Engagement Shoot

From winter to spring, we’re changing seasons from this morning’s winter wedding to this sweet e-shoot that takes place in the gardens of Val de Vie. Candice and Greg chose this locale for a relaxed stroll together and brought along a rather fabulous bouquet. And while it’s all about the love first and foremost, you KNOW I am also going to mention the styling because I do love a great choice of e-sesh outfit for the bride-and-groom-to-be! This is spring perfection – Candice in a classic Little White Dress with sequin jacket, and Greg in pastel trousers. Classic and preppy, but with just the right amount of interest to look great on camera. And look great they do, in these truly lovely pics by Claire Thomson!

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Whimsical Vintage Wedding at Diamant Estate by Claire Thomson

When I’m selecting weddings for publication, there’s always one detail that stands up and shouts at me, and I don’t mind saying that for one, it started with the bridesmaid dresses. They’re fabulous! Fun, frothy, Carrie Bradshaw-style tutus, and they are tutu cute! But the inspiration from Marike and Tobias’ beautiful day certainly doesn’t stop there. Combine a classic winelands setting with an eclectic collection of decor that’s vintage and glam and whimsical, with pops of bold, colourful blooms, and you might be getting close to describing what you’re about to see. And the reason I think it all works together is because it’s a true reflection of the bride and groom, so the decor and details are really an expression of their love and happiness. Claire Thomson was the perfect person to capture it all in these absolutely lovely images!

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Country Chic Wedding with a Rose Gold Dress at Kronenburg by Claire Thomson

I’m sure when you see today’s wedding, it won’t surprise you that what first caught my breath when I saw it was Danielle’s incredible rose gold sequin gown. I mean, wowsers. But besides the fact that the bride slayed it, there’s another thing about Danielle & Bobby’s country chic wedding that’s completely jawdropping – the fact that it was planned in a month! One. Month. Yep, no kidding, and it’s as lovely as any wedding that takes ten times as long to put together! From the sweet ceremony to the reception filled with sweet details like edison bulbs, watercolour stationery and greenery everywhere, you’ll be pinning every one of Claire Thomson’s beautiful pics!

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Darling Outdoor Wedding at Olive Rock by Claire Thomson

If you ever find yourself in the middle of the chaos of planning a wedding from afar (as I know many of you lovely readers are!), then heed today’s bride’s oh-so-smart advice. Hire a great planner. Someone you can trust, the way Michelle and her sweetheart Stéfan trusted Niki of The Event Planners, who pulled all the moving parts together into a truly beautiful day, filled with laughter and personal details inspired by the couple’s wanderlust adventures. Of course, it helps when your planner is backed up by a brilliant team, and this wedding has some of our absolute faves on board, including photographer Claire Thomson and stunning venue Olive Rock. I always get such a warm feeling from any Olive Rock wedding – maybe it’s that combination of the spectacular mountain backdrop and the al fresco vibe. Whatever it is, this wedding is no exception, and you’ll be smiling along at every detail (starting with that incredible dress!)

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Just Peachy Winelands Wedding at Lothian Vineyards by Claire Thomson

With an intimate garden atmosphere, a beautiful bride in a Janita Toerien dress (rocking the prettiest ballet slippers!), and a lineup of blushing bridesmaids in soft peachy crop and skirt combos, you just know that this wedding in amongst the Cape winelands is going to be a special affair. A lovely mix of classic and rustic styles, from the flower arch and outdoor ceremony area to the tables decked out with wood cuts and proteas, and even a rainbow to wish Hannes & Marike joy and luck, it’s the kind of laid-back and lovely wedding that reminds me why getting married in the Cape is such a wonderful experience, captured to perfection (as always!) by Claire Thomson!

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Bright & Festive Winelands Wedding at Hidden Valley by Claire Thomson

It’s time to stop and smell the roses – or rather, the roses, peonies, tulips, orchids, banksia, hydrangea and more! The flowers at this colour-happy wedding fest really had me doing  double take – Leipzig as usual have done an incredible job of creating the most gorgeous array of blooms in shades from deep crimson to soft blush to vibrant yellow and tangerine. Add in some sweet bunnies (which became the couple’s own wedding motif), soft pastels, rustic textures and classic elements including an elegant winelands setting, and you have a wedding lover’s paradise. And to prove it wasn’t all just a beautiful dream, Claire Thomson was on the scene to capture these gorgeous images of Sianne and Shane’s big day!

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Wood & Rose Gold Wedding at Old Mac Daddy by Claire Thomson {Mia & Johan}

Sometimes, when I’m selecting a wedding for publication, there are details I notice but don’t really understand, and then when I read the bride’s story, everything makes sense. Those are kind of my favourites, because it means that they’re personal in a way that something just taken off Pinterest never can be. That was the case with the poem inscribed on the floor-to-ceiling windows of Old Mac Daddy in today’s wedding, and it turned out to be just one of the lovely tributes from the bride and groom, in memory of their much-missed parents. Such a special touch, and those tributes fitted seamlessly into the clean lines of this beautifully designed, minimalist, organic wedding day. From the stationery ‘branding’ (repeated in the cake toppers and boxes, adorable) to the signs telling the couple’s story down the aisle (even more adorable!), to the rose gold (rose gold! we love!) and wood detailing, to the chevron sparkle bridesmaid dresses and the bride’s convertible princess gown (not to mention immaculate hair and makeup by Corlé Barnard), everything about it is a breath of fresh air and an expression of Mia and Johan. The wonderful Claire Thomson captured these fantastic pics.Read More

Fruitful Farm Wedding at Babylonstoren by Claire Thomson {Simona & Emile}

When you’re picking a wedding design, we’d always advise that you take your venue into consideration – after all, as much as I love contrasts, there are some venues that just will never suit some themes, and you don’t want to spend a year of engagement trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. But for some couples, the venue goes so much further, completely inspiring the look and feel of the wedding, especially when they’re as crazy about the place as Simona and Emile are about Babylonstoren. Fair dues, it is a pretty amazing place, and I especially loved that this sweet couple wanted to share this place that is so special to them with their favourite people. They completely embraced the Babylonstoren aesthetic, the vast, edible gardens and greenhouses, the elegant but simple menu. And, thanks to Simona’s trust in her suppliers, their flowers had a special fruity element to them which I especially love! It’s just the perfect embodiment of farmhouse botanical style, beautifully captured by Claire Thomson.Read More