DIY Forest Greenery Wedding at Matroosberg by Claire Thomson Photography

When Claire Thomson sends us something pretty, we know we’re going to love it, and this gorgeous forest wedding is no exception! Carla and Kenné’s forest fete took place in the beautiful Matroosberg Nature Reserve – the perfect choice for a pair who got engaged on a hiking trail! The decor was simple and elegant, a pairing of deep emerald green foliage with touches of gold, soft linens, and patterned glass that was perfectly complemented by the bride’s ultra chic off-shoulder gown and birdcage veil, and the groom’s dapper suit. A designer herself, the bride created all the stationery – in fact the whole day was a DIY collaboration between the bride and groom, their family, and friends. Maybe it’s this element of community, maybe it’s the gorgeous backdrop, and maybe it’s just the love and laughter between the couple that make it all so special – I’m going to guess it’s all three, with a little help from Claire’s gorgeous pics!

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Moody Protea-filled Forest Wedding at De la Mas by Chris de Wet

Settle in, friends, because this Gauteng wedding involves a hidden-away-in-the-woods ceremony, proteas everywhere, even a rainbow! Hilde & Jaundre’s big day also has tons of emotion and heartfelt moments – the groom’s face as the bride walks down the aisle (tears!), the way he scooped up his new wife when the rain started to fall (the chivalry!), and the way they looked at each other all day like they were the luckiest people on earth. Add in Chris de Wet‘s gorgeously moody images, and you have an affair to remember!

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Edgy Fairytale Forest Wedding at Die Woud by Nikki van Diermen

When it comes to describing this gorgeous forest wedding at the stunning Die Woud, overflowing with flowers and greenery, I can’t do better than photographer Nikki van Diermen, who told us: “Tom and Kelly got married in the beautiful hidden woodlands in the sleepy town of Elgin in the Westen Cape, South Africa. They wed amongst bare trees, and celebrated in a house of glass. Like a modern fairytale, with edge. Kelly, dressed by the talented Janita Toerien, was the epitome of a rebel princess – all perfectly placed lace, dramatic tulle, tattoos and a little bit of skin. They partied to hip hop late into the night, under the chandeliers and stars, and it all just worked together perfectly!” SIGH.

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Pretty Rustic Forest Wedding at De Uijlenes by Yeah Yeah Photography

A magical forest is always a good idea for a wedding ceremony backdrop – just take a look at this delightful De Uijlenes celebration captured by Yeah Yeah Photography if you have any doubt! Bride and groom, Nicky and Max, drew their inspiration from the raw beauty of this spectacular setting, incorporating natural materials and handmade details throughout. The bride wore a beautiful boho gown with a floral crown, while the groom rocked a waistcoat perfect for a rustic summer do. And with watercolour stationery and fairy lights a-twinkling, this whole gallery of images is a breath of fresh air!

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Festive Forest Wedding at Die Woud by Hayley Takes Photos

Festive Forest Wedding at Die Woud | Image: Hayley Takes Photos

Forest wedding lovers brace yourselves, because this woodland chic celebration will knock your socks off! Amy and Gerhard knew a forest wedding was the right call for them because they love taking forest walks (love that they brought their guests into this personal element of their relationship with the venue!) and didn’t look any further than Die Woud, with its glass marquee hidden amongst the trees and feeling of being lost in a kind of fairytale world. They hung the branches with ribbons, decorated the reception space with woody touches like branch votives, moss, and the most spectacular hanging floral branches, then contrasted that rustic loveliness with cut glass vases and sparkling chandeliers, and invited their nearest and dearest into this magical little space to celebrate their love. One of my fave touches has to be Amy’s heirloom wedding dress, which was remade from her late mom’s Chantilly lace gown into a stunning off the shoulder beauty that perfectly blended something old and something new. Hayley Takes Photos took these wonderfully moody pics.

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Forest Food Truck Wedding at Helderberg Farm by Cheryl McEwan

Forest Food Truck Wedding | Image: Cheryl McEwan

In an enchanted forest setting, surrounded by their nearest and dearest, Kelly and Shaun’s dream wedding came to life. The couple decided to do as much as they could themselves, bringing their personalities into every detail they handcrafted and styled for their woodland ceremony and reception, from decor to favours. Love that! And I also LOVE that they decided on food truck catering, because OMG how fun, right? Forests and food trucks – two of our favourite things. No wonder there are so many happy smiles in these gorgeous pics captured by SBB fave Cheryl McEwan. Let’s take a peek shall we?

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Blush & Rose Gold Wedding at The Venue Fontana by Bright Girl Photography

Blush & Rose Gold Wedding at The Venue Fontana | Image: Bright Girl Photography

When it comes to describing Coral and Devon’s dreamy, elegantly rustic wedding, I can’t think of any better way than as the lovely Eileen of Bright Girl Photography told it to me! “I knew their wedding would be amazing, but I was blown away when I arrived and saw all the beautiful decor and the warm sunshine bouncing off the green leaves in the forest where the ceremony was going to take place. It was magical. When Coral slipped her dress on, the magic continued… The friends, the flowers, the tears of happiness and all the stones which the guests held throughout the ceremony… all was magic or so it seemed. I mean who else can catch popcorn with a smiling mouth wide open with laughter while leading his gorgeous bride up the aisle. Yes, Devon can! These two were wrapped with warmth and love for each other and from their friends and family.” Awwww! It really is a special day, and includes the work of some of my very favourite KZN wedding pros, including the very talented Eileen, Hanrie Lues Bridal (who made Coral’s gorgeous dress!) and one of my all-time fave venues, The Venue Fontana. Enjoy!

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Dark Botanical Floral Wedding at Florence Farm by Grace Studios

Lush Cascade Bouquet | Image: Grace Studios

Take note, SouthBound brideys, because this is what trendsetting is all about! Jewel tone florals are the look of the moment, but Ronel and Bryden’s wedding takes them to a whole new level, setting the colourful botanicals against a moody black backdrop that really makes them pop! Tables overflowing with blooms, a jawdropping bouquet, hanging greenery chandeliers, an INSANELY gorgeous Casey Jeanne dress from the fab Calegra Bridal House, and let’s not forget the stunning rustic backdrop and the forest ceremony! Oh so very chic. You guys are going to love every single detail, and all of it so very beautifully pictured by the super talented Grace Studios, whose work I absolutely love!

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Boho Luxe Forest Wedding at Shalwyn by Oh Happy Day and Carmen Roberts

Mismatched Boho Bridesmaids | Credit: Carmen Roberts

Just when you think you’ve seen boho weddings get as amazing as they’re ever going to get, this one comes in and is like: “Hold my beer.” Every picture from Carmen Roberts is so shut-the-front-door beautiful, you can’t help but stop and stare – it’s almost hard to believe it’s real life (that is, if it weren’t for the smitten looks on bride and groom Lisa and Russel’s faces – can’t fake that!). So how do I describe it? Well, boho sure. Glamorous (especially with the bridesmaids in their red-lip-slinky-dress-faux-fur getup which pretty much wins the mismatched style prize forever – and wait till you see Lisa’s gown!). Natural and Rustic. A little Game of Thrones, as talented event designer (and bridesmaid!) Joelene of Oh Happy Day pointed out. It’s a winter wedding in the forest, and it’s both on trend (pampas arch!) and beyond trend, if that makes any sense. It probably doesn’t. I think it pretty much defies definition, so I’ll stop talking and you start looking. Because however else you want to define it, it’s GORGEOUS.

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Champagne Rustic Wedding at Die Woud by Jani B. Photography

Nature meets luxury in this beautiful forest wedding at Die Woud, which is ending off our week in the prettiest way possible! Paul and Chloë wated an outdoorsy feel to their Cape wedding, and fell in love with Die Woud (who could blame them?). Natural elements like wooden tables and beautiful proteas, contrast with romantic twists like chandeliers and twinkle lights (oh, the lights!) and Chloë’s incredible Cindy Bam dress. Music was another super important part of the wedding, from the fun song choices for vital moments, to the bride’s dad serenading her (awwww!) to SBB DJ faves Silkmusic pulling out all the stops to get the dancefloor pumping all night long! Let’s get up close and personal with all the pretty captured by Jani B. Photography!

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