Boho Luxe Forest Wedding at Shalwyn by Oh Happy Day and Carmen Roberts

Mismatched Boho Bridesmaids | Credit: Carmen Roberts

Just when you think you’ve seen boho weddings get as amazing as they’re ever going to get, this one comes in and is like: “Hold my beer.” Every picture from Carmen Roberts is so shut-the-front-door beautiful, you can’t help but stop and stare – it’s almost hard to believe it’s real life (that is, if it weren’t for the smitten looks on bride and groom Lisa and Russel’s faces – can’t fake that!). So how do I describe it? Well, boho sure. Glamorous (especially with the bridesmaids in their red-lip-slinky-dress-faux-fur getup which pretty much wins the mismatched style prize forever – and wait till you see Lisa’s gown!). Natural and Rustic. A little Game of Thrones, as talented event designer (and bridesmaid!) Joelene of Oh Happy Day pointed out. It’s a winter wedding in the forest, and it’s both on trend (pampas arch!) and beyond trend, if that makes any sense. It probably doesn’t. I think it pretty much defies definition, so I’ll stop talking and you start looking. Because however else you want to define it, it’s GORGEOUS.

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Glitter & Greenery Wedding at Maroupi by Carmen Roberts

It’s Friday! And while we can’t pop the bubbly until after work, Lauren and Sean’s wedding has just the right amount of fizz and sparkle to keep us more than happy until champagne ‘o clock. This effervescent couple chose the lovely Maroupi as their venue and dressed it up with greenery and a dusting of glitz in the form of shimmery linens and gold sprayed eucalyptus – so pretty! And for an extra touch of festive flair, they placed a cracker at each setting – I love this Christmassy touch which is sure to delight your guests whatever the time of year. (For a cracker making tutorial, see here.) I’m also utterly in love with Lauren’s gown, which comes from chic boutique Toujours Wedding House, and fit the bride like a glove! But my favourite idea? The wine and charcuterie spread for cocktail hour – (clearly this is a couple after my own heart!) Carmen Roberts took these lovely pics – cheers to all the pretty!

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Natural Winter White Wedding at Netherwood by Carmen Roberts {Lauren & Andrew}

If there’s one motif that has quietly been making it’s way into South African weddings recently, it’s cows. Yep, cows. We love ’em, and considering our African roots, maybe that’s not surprising. What’s very cool is that our brides and grooms have shown how a motif like this can be incorporated in a classy way, and never more so than in today’s ‘organic, white and candlelight’ wedding from the lovely Carmen Roberts. Lauren and Andrew were married at the beautiful¬†Netherwood in the Midlands (so the cows were super appropriate to their farm venue) and created a sweet motif that was branded on to the boards at each place setting – cows also popped up in the cake toppers, in signs and table plans, and even in the table names. The rest of the wedding design was classic, white and natural – clouds of baby’s breath and succulents, dapper bow-tied groomsmen and a bride in a beautiful long-sleeve lace dress. It’s everything a winter bride could dream of.Read More