Whimsical Vintage Wedding at Diamant Estate by Claire Thomson

When I’m selecting weddings for publication, there’s always one detail that stands up and shouts at me, and I don’t mind saying that for one, it started with the bridesmaid dresses. They’re fabulous! Fun, frothy, Carrie Bradshaw-style tutus, and they are tutu cute! But the inspiration from Marike and Tobias’ beautiful day certainly doesn’t stop there. Combine a classic winelands setting with an eclectic collection of decor that’s vintage and glam and whimsical, with pops of bold, colourful blooms, and you might be getting close to describing what you’re about to see. And the reason I think it all works together is because it’s a true reflection of the bride and groom, so the decor and details are really an expression of their love and happiness. Claire Thomson was the perfect person to capture it all in these absolutely lovely images!

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Inspiration Board: Wineland Pastels

Hello lovelies! We started our Monday with winter whites, but now it’s time to add some colour to your afternoon. Specifically, pastels, because we LOVE pastels, don’t we? I’ve done quite a few pastel boards before (and I’m especially fond of mixed ice cream pastels, let’s be honest), but today I wanted to do a little more of a grown-up pastel board, combining the soft rainbow of shades with elegantly rustic vineyard style. I am absolutely loving how it’s turned out, aren’t you? Here’s hoping this is one board I see brought to life by a real bride soon. (PS Find more pastel inspiration here!)

Colours: Ice cream pastels

Top row (l-r): Name tags {Em The Gem/Kathryn Murray }; flowers on wine barrel {Jessica Burke Photography/FleurEssence Floral Design}; pastel bridesmaids {Sweet Little Photographs}
Row 2: Flowers in wine crate {Nikki Meyer}; cork escort cards {Braedon Photography}; pastel yellow cake {Matthew Land Studios/Petal And Pie}
Row 3: Pastel cupcakes {Lindsey A. Miller Photography/MOD Events/D’lish Dessert}; ruffled wedding dress {KT Merry}; wine barrel breakout area {Caroline Tran Photographer/Malibu Family Wines}


Radiant Orchid In the Vine Wedding by Cheryl McEwan {Kelly & Michael}

It’s funny how quickly some terms become part of your vocabulary in this industry – a few short months ago, radiant orchid was just a dramatic description of a flower for me, but now it’s the shorthand to a gorgeous, glowy purple, Pantone’s colour of the year, and all the lovely shades of pink and purple that complement it. And of course, radiant orchid wasn’t even a thing when today’s bride Kelly picked her colours, but it just shows that her style is equal parts classic and of-the-moment. I love how her basic wedding design is an elegant white on white, with pretty embelishments like candles and pearls. The use of colour is sparing, but it really makes it pop when it shows up! I also love that Kelly is a short-hair bride – I wish we saw more of this, as she looks every bit as gorgeous as her long-haired counterparts, and it’s clear that groom Michael thinks so too – he only has eyes for his lady! One of our favourite photographers, Cheryl McEwan Photography, was the couple’s choice to snap these romantic portraits of their big day.Read More

Inspiration Board: Copper & Shweshwe

I’m so excited to bring you today’s inspiration board, because it’s a preview of a mini-shoot I’ll be sharing with you tomorrow, a collaboration between myself and Piteira Photography (yay, can’t wait!). It features one of my absolute FAVOURITE prints, a truly South African design element (and one which is going to be really hitting its stride in 2014): shweshwe. For me, using this iconic South African fabric is the most gorgeous way to bring a homegrown twist to your wedding design, and still be right up to date with wedding trends internationally (prints, after all, are having their day in the sun). You can get shweshwe in quite a range of colours now, but the original indigo is the one I love most, and it’s a stylish and contemporary shade that combines beautifully with many other colours. I wanted to show how the pattern can be used in a really elegant way – for example, at a classic winelands venue – so I combined it with cool wedding white and a contemporary metallic, copper, for a bit of warmth. The colours look really graceful together, especially with the addition of white candles as a third key design element. You’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see where we ended up, but for today, I hope you love our inspiration!

Colours: Indigo, copper & white

Top row (l-r): Sash with shweshwe rosette {Julie Wilhite}; cake with high taper candles {White Loft Studio/Mayflour Cake + Confection}; table setting {}; long tables {Jose Villa}
Row 2: Shweshwe bowl; invitation suite; shweshwe fabric
Row 3: Blue bridesmaids {Caroline Tran/Kelly Oshiro}; copper tag escort cards {Mark Brooke Photography/JL Designs}; brass candlesticks; copper vase {Docuvitae/Kourtney James Perry}.


Real Winelands Wedding {Lizaan & Michael}

Home is where the heart is, they say, and as a South African who’s been living abroad for many years I can tell you that’s certainly true. So I always love seeing South Africans who have chosen to make their lives elsewhere coming home for their wedding (as most of us do) – not just because our world class wedding industry makes it possible to have an amazing wedding for less than where they live usually, but because it reaffirms that bond with home, and brings visitors who fall in love with our beautiful country for the first time. Bride Lizaan is one of our most talented exports – the daughter of a Springbok rugby player and South African hurdle champion who represented SA as a pro tennis player. Groom Michael is also a talented sportsman, a PE boy who played rugby for the Italian national Sevens team. Together, they have made their lives in Australia, but came home for their wedding. And you guys, what a wedding it was. I am just going to Mosby it upfront and declare that I LOVE IT. The lovely rustic winelands setting (Ernie Else winery, which isn’t normally available for weddings), the slightly boho bridal party, the outdoor tables under the trees in the sunshine… Not to mention Maree Louw of Natural Light‘s magical photos, which capture all the golden ambience of a Cape summer afternoon. As I say, LOVE IT.Read More