Wedding Dresses for Hourglass Shaped Brides

Best Wedding Dresses for Hourglass Shape

*UPDATED FOR 2018* You know how on Say Yes to the Dress, there are those moments when a bride comes in and she’s adamant about a specific shape of dress she wants, and when she puts it on it just looks… wrong. And then, if she’s smart, she tries a shape the consultant suggests instead, and is instantly transformed into a goddess? I love those, because I KNOW the feeling of trying something on and it looks nothing like how it did in your head or on the hanger and you feel desperate because omigodnothingisevergoingtofitmeorlookawesome. Trying something on that is right for your shape is the opposite of that feeling, but the truth is that it only happens when you let go of some of the pre-set ideas you have, and work with reality. That’s what this series is about – making our brides feel like a zillion dollars, whichever of the main body shapes they are rocking. Today we are all about hourglass shaped brides, and I’ll be giving you some tips for dressing this curvy shape to perfection, as well as swooning over some incredible hourglass wedding dresses from Etsy. *Links in bold denote affiliate links. The cost to you remains the same, but SBB may receive a commission for any sales made.

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