The Mermaid’s Wedding

GET READY. You’re about to have your socks blown off by today’s styled shoot, which takes the whole mermaid/iridescent/pearlescent wedding trend to the next level. Or rather I should say, the level below – way below. Under the sea to be precise. And I do mean literally, because the sterling team that put together this incredible shoot not only created a pastel wonderland on dry land, they shot an entire sequence underwater too. Insane. Well, as the song goes: darling it’s better down where it’s wetter, take it from me! From balloon backdrop to holographic flatware to geode cake to florals to… oh my gosh, I seriously am at a loss for words here. So let’s just, um, dive in, shall we? ;) Huge congrats to the talented pros who put this fabulously inspiring piece of work together, including SBB fave Tickled Pink, NinirichiGingerale Photography, and underwater photography genius Ilse Moore.

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