Brooklyn Bohemian Wedding Inspiration

We’re kicking off our week with some serious urban bohemian fabulousness! This gorgeously indie styled shoot comes all the way from Brooklyn, via a team of talented US pros, including photographer, Kaleigh Rae Photography, and stylist, Enchanted Allure Events. And this isn’t just any styled shoot. It follows a couple from getting ready all through their ceremony to the reception decor, which I love, because it shows how all the ideas could really be used in a real wedding, and not just set up for the cameras. For example, the team incorporated floral hoops throughout – as bridesmaid bouquets, as ceremony decor, and hung on chairs and from the ceiling in the reception space – which shows how decor can be repurposed throughout the day to create consistency in design as well as serve your budget well. Another thing I love is how authentic this shoot is – seriously, it is just a bundle of fun, with genuine laughter all day long, just like a wedding day should be. And let’s take a moment to talk about the colour scheme, which is next level pastel pink and blue – right down to the bride’s hair! Yes, your hair can match your wedding! I’m super excited to share this with you all today :)

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