Lace Table Runners

It’s funny with wedding trends – one minute they’re brand new, and the next it seems like they never went away. Maybe it’s because everything goes in cycles. But I remember how, just a few years ago, sitting in Hyde Park watching Kate Middleton emerge in her wedding dress, myself and fellow blogger Annie of Marry You Me looked at one another and said: “Lace. Lace is going to be huge again.” And so it has been. But while brides have been getting their lace on in every beautiful combination of portrait back and illusion neckline imaginable since, it’s time for tables to have their turn as well. Lace runners were one of the trends I identified in my 2014 roundup, so I thought I would bring you a full feature on this decor loveliness here today. But be warned! This is an unforgiving look for functional tables. Make sure your venue has ones that look good without a tablecloth (or if you love the look, hire one for just the head table).Read More