Glitzy Rustic Farm Wedding by Matthew Carr

Bride & Groom with Vintage Car | Credit: Matthew Carr

They say it takes a village to raise a child – well, sometimes I think it takes a village to make a wedding too. I’m always touched by the lengths our couples’ family and friends go to in helping with their big day – from folding hundreds of paper cranes to making space for the wedding on their properties, to simply being there, cheering them on throughout the process. That’s why a wedding is so much more than a pretty day, or even an exchange of vows between two people. It’s also about all the love and joy of their people, the ones who care for them and help them make it happen. So today’s wedding is bittersweet. It’s a beautiful, beyond-happy celebration, made possible not least through the love and generosity and hard work of the groom’s sister Sunita and her husband Jacques. I’m told Sunita loved to create beautiful events, so the farm where she and Jacques lived was the perfect place for Hendriette and Manus to plan their lush, vibrant, rustic barn wedding. Together, the two of them helped turn the utilitarian industrial-style shed into a wonderland filled with curtains of twinkle lights, and lashings of greenery and jewel-coloured blooms. Hendriette made for the most elegant of brides, in her stunning low-back wedding gown, and was joined by a troop of girls in glittery sequin bridesmaid dresses, her handsomely suited and booted groom and his gents, and a vintage car just to finish off the rest of the glam in this rustic + glam equation. It was perfect. And while tragically the family lost Sunita and Jacques recently, this wedding is a testament not only to Hendriette and Manus’ relationship and happiness, but to how much they were loved by those close to them. To the couple and their families, I’m so very sorry for your loss. I hope this post, and Matthew Carr‘s wonderful images, bring back some very precious memories to bring you some comfort.

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