Notebook Inspired Engagement Shoot

So, The Notebook. I have mixed feelings about this one, folks. Years ago, I read the novel as part of a book club and I HATED it. I mean, that last scene? Ew. I think I hated it so much I called up my friend at whatever time of night it was and ranted about it. I think I may have said that Nicholas Sparks had stolen several hours of my life. So I wasn’t exactly keen to see the film. But… you know, then I did. And Ryan Gosling was all, hey girl, and Rachel McAdams was all McAdamy, and it was so beautifully styled and okay, I admit it, I have it on DVD. Which might be one of the only times I will ever tell you that the film was way better than a novel. So when photographer Iz Labuschagne let me know that she had aNotebook-inspired engagement shoot to share, I got a little excited (especially since this one is one of my all-time faves). What I love about this is that the film is more of a loose influence rather than a theme – Chantel & Jon went for lovely vintage styling and it was shot in Cullinan in Gauteng, which is full of vintage shops and an old railway station, and they even included some old love letters, which is super appropriate. It just shows that taking styling inspiration from one of your favourite films can be a great place to start with your engagement shoot! (For more on movie-themed engagements, see here.)Read More